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Razer Synapse guide for gear switching macros

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Chastise    23

Hey Guys! xD

Since many people (mainly healers) struggle with gear switching macros in this patch, I thought about doing a mini-guide to show you how to do them with Razer Synapse to make your life a little easier (and to not risk ending up naked while switching your gears if you get hit).

1) The very first thing you have to do is to select a quickbar and drag your gear pieces in the skill bar as shown in the screenshot down below. Please make sure to use keybinds that DO NOT require shift+, alt+, ctrl+ and similar (so only number and alphabetical keybinds)




2) After that, you need to go in options, select the Key Mapping section and then go to quickbars. First you need to choose a keybind that you're going to use to switch back to your main skillbar (in my case it will be *), then you need to chose a keybind that will switch you to the quickbar you previously chose for your gear macro (in my case the quickbar number 5 will be binded to the number 7 of my mouse)






3) Once everything is setted in your client options, you will need to go on Razer Synapse, select the "Macro" option, make a new macro and set no delay from the specific window as shown down below






4) After that, you need to start recording your macro: first you need to hit the gear quickbar keybind, then all the keys from the quickbar in which you dragged your gear pieces in, and last but not least the keybind you setted to switch back to your main skills quickbar. Note that even if Synapse will show you the keybinds "twice" it just indicates when the button is pressed and released, so if your macro will look like as the pictures posted below you're doing everything correctly






5) When the macro is done you need to bind it to the same mouse / keyboard button you used to bind your gear quickbar on your aion client, as shown down below




And you're done! I hope that my guide has been helpful to those who didn't know how to set this, if you have any kind of question feel free to leave a comment down below or hit me on discord at Chastise#4964


See you in game, folks! xD

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