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  1. Revork SM

    he just dont understand this is how the sm was in 4.6
  2. Revork SM

    use it then they aint gonna change anything about the class as it was how it was in 4.6 or did you just forget your playing on a 4.6 private server?
  3. Revork SM

    This is a 4.6 server this is how sm was if you dont like it reroll class simple
  4. Bad language in Sauro

    fack aint a bad word
  5. blame the admins they let people buy/sell accounts for years
  6. you already admit before you let a group of people use paypal on discord soo why you lying?
  7. ely sin Owahl no animation

    you blind or is this your friend? the sin stop attacking it looks like the ranger got the final hit after sorc ran
  8. [Event] Beritra Treasures

    what old players? they all gone to classic
  9. Aion Shugo Emperor Vault

    why can another 4.6 server add it but you guys cant
  10. Voting Issue

    voting no longer give ecoins
  11. Aion Shugo Emperor Vault

    you only say that cause you cant do shugo vault
  12. bullying

    they dont do anything if it comes by a whisper block the player and move on
  13. How to buy cryptocurrency and donate to the server

    my bad was thinking you made this the only way to donate
  14. How to buy cryptocurrency and donate to the server

    why you making it soo long just to donate just add paypal back simple
  15. Server balance

    lets face it unless they ban account sharing nothing will change and almighty already said it to late to change that so siege dead end of lets move on now