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  1. nice lag

    i cant go back 45 mins just to take a screenshot sorry but i still want my shugo run back
  2. nice lag

    nice server lag you own me a shugo run
  3. Bug Inggison TOS quest

    im guessing he/she was in a league but quest never updated

    where the proof?
  5. Razer Synapse guide for gear switching macros

    most of the server uses it so it fine
  6. Shop items

    any update on the that fire weapon being added yet?
  7. Payment options

    my bad i see now when i ask before i got no answer back atleast it clear now thanks
  8. Payment options

    Almighty said before that aint for everyone did he/she change it?
  9. I hate cheaters

    why should he be ban? it your fault you never double check the item you buying
  10. [Event] Lucky Snowflake!

    ask in russian they got no respect for english speakers here
  11. snowflake event fail

    im sure noone selling accounts they just "sharing" them
  12. [Event] Lucky Snowflake!

    funny how they added theo lab to russian drop table but dont do it here
  13. Snowflakes event from lvl 50

    when did i say it was part of the rewards? can admins not add items to reward list?
  14. Snowflakes event from lvl 50

    the thing that shock me the most is no tempering in reward
  15. Snowflakes event from lvl 50

    forget what i said i can see this change is to target kinah sellers now next step is to ban account sharing