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Improving DPS

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Hypnagogix    0

Hey, i was wondering what really affects dps (damage per second)?

I currently have 1150 Crit Strike \ 3150 Acc (With buffs) so from what i understand its close to the stats cap..

But i just played IS and there was another Ranger (Like me) and we had almost the same total damage,

but he had way more Damage Per Second (I used DPSmeter)

If i am already close to the stats cap, how can there be such a big difference?

What does he have that i dont?  More Attack? does it really increases damage that much?

P.S he was doing ID Killer so maybe dealing damage to Ides is the reason for this?


But still...

When comparing with other players (damage only against hyperion).. i was almost at the bottom of the list..

how can this be if my stats are close to cap?

Is it because i am a ranger and other clases(magic) will always have more damage

i mean.. a gladiator had almost x3 times my damage (i have 1.2mil, he had 3.2 mil)


Is there somthing more to it beside Crit Strike and Acc..(as far as i know attack is not a factor - manastones affect only auto-attack damage)


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phy    18

Okay, first off - it's cool that you ask stuff like that. Aion-players aren't usually interested in improvement...

Second; gear is important, but it's not everything. A lot of people think two equally geared players would do equal damage, which is FAR from being true though. Keep that in mind.

Looking at your specific case, I guess the other ranger was simply killing Ides without doing any mob- or boss-damage. So he used his 'best' skills to burst the Ides and then kept waiting for them to respawn. This way he had a high DPS in the time he actually did damage and the DPS didn't drop afterwards by the use of the 'worse' skills, because, well, he didn't use them... The time in which a player doesn't do any hits isn't counted by the DPSmeter. But recorded DPS isn't important anyway. Just ignore it and look at the overall damage.

So... Why's your damage on Hyperion so low?
Maybe you were the only one who did damage on the adds while everyone else kept dpsing the boss. Could be. I don't know. But boss-damage is worthless anyway, so let's skip that.

Let's get to your overall damage. I guess that's the 1.2mil you are talking about.
If the Ide-killer also did the same amount of damage, I guess the duration of your run was about 13 minutes. This means your actual dps is about 1,500. That's quite bad to be honest.
This could have several reasons. Maybe you aren't weaving properly. Maybe your stigma-build isn't optimized. Maybe you aren't using your buffs properly. Maybe you don't even have your important damage-buffs because your stigma-build sucks, idk. Maybe you are constantly idling instead of pressing some skills... Could be anything.

What I do know: Your stats are a little bit off.
1150 crit strike is okay, but you'd be capped at 1200, so why not just get there? 921 crit without any sort of buffs is the value to get to. Then you add a scroll (120), food (60), an idian (at least 34) and chanter's intensity mantra (65), which then equals to 1200. Add 65 crit if you want to always be capped without a chanter.
Your accuracy is too high. That's not bad or anything but you are wasting slots. 2500 is enough to hit Hyperion and 2800 to hit all the adds. But you'd need more for Dynatoum, Grendal and Sheba, so just stick to about 3000.
I don't know how much attack you have, but you should push it as high as possible, since it DOES increase the damage caused by skills.
Also, the dps-wise best stigma-build is this one:
I'm not saying you should use this exact build, but you should try to get there as much as possible.

If I would see your gear, stigmas and gameplay, I could say what's right and what's wrong, but this is all I can currently help with.

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Hypnagogix    0

I saw the stigma build in the link but im a bit confused..

I use the full agonizing arrow tree.

+ silence arrow, sleep arrow.

(Its my pvp and pve build cause i dont want to change stigma every time)

The build you showed is not using the "strongest" skills, so how can it have most damage?

Are they worthless because of the cooldown time? Or the buff skills (bow of blessing, focus shots) are very important?

I actually use only bestial fury and aiming, these are my main buff skills...

(of course i use also use 100% of the time - food [50 cs, 50 acc], panda candy, cs 120 scroll and courage scroll.)


And im never idle.. i click non-stop on every avalible skill... 

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phy    18

Agonizing Arrow is fine, but its cooldown is too high in this patch. You also have to waste slots on Lethal Arrow, which kinda sucks because of the 2s cast, and Hunter's Might isn't good either.

As a ranger it's about using damage-stigmas that either have a higher dps than Deadshot (which is basically anything except Silence Arrow and Lethal Arrow), and buffs that increase your attack or damage in some way.
Just think about it... Devotion increases your attack by 40% for 5s - and everyone knows and understands how important that buff is. So how can you not use Bow of Blessing for example? It's 20% attack for 60s. Same goes for Speed of the Wind; 10% for 60s. Sharpen Arrows: 10% permanently! That's actually insane.
Focused Shots is probably the most important buff to increase your dps on the damage meter. The value itself doesn't matter, but if you care about it; Focused Shots is probably going to make you happy. Even if you don't care - the buff increases the damage (not attack!) of every single skill (not auto-attack) by 30%. By using it you'll end up using less skills (less bad skills like Deadshot), but those that you use will do a lot more damage.

In the end it's about finding the perfect balance between weaves, Deadshots and Focused Shots.
Look at your skills. Find those that do more damage than Deadshot. Find those that do less. Never use a low-damage skill if you can use a high-damage skill or Deadshot. Never use a high-damage skill without Focused Shots. Never have a high-damage skill off cooldown for too long.

Since you are currently using Aiming instead of Focused Shots, your actual accuracy should be around 2950, which is fine. Don't change it.
I guess you have an AC bow, BM acces and some 5-slot gear. This should be enough to deal about 600k damage in 3 minutes on a training dummy. Try to get there.

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Hypnagogix    0

ok thanks... i was actually thinking bestial fury cancels focused shots..(dont know why) and i saw it gives 50% more attack... but you say focused shots actually increses damage... well that is something i need to take into consideration...

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discoo    0

Honestly my bro.... Stats can get you as far as just static damage. Improving your own dps, has so many factors my bro... Do you get the debuffs on the boss (decrease physical dmg, and all other kind of debuffs) , do you get mantras, do you get SM buff. There are many factors where your dps increases and decreases. i've been playing physical classes since 2010. Rangers,Templars,Gladiators,Asshejsjsjins.  

Get a rotation, understand your skills, what can increase it. Look at the situation you have. Do you get buffs or not. Are you fully buffed or not, are you using the right skills in your devotion 5 seconds. What is it that you do, do you weave. do you weave correctly regarding your MS. I'm not gonna beat around the bush. 9 out of 10 cases is Rotation.

what skill do you use after that devotion. Which skills do you use without. What is better weave every 2 or even 3 skills.. There are a lot of guides on Youtube with dps meters. Try looking up, imitate it. Look if its better. Change something regards. 

Regarding IS. Rangers can have infinite mana for 1 whole minute every 3 minutes. With that mana skill.  thats really good in IS, as you are hitting a goddamn dummy for 10minutes long.

look up simca and ducky, they were very good at their class.


Good luck my bro

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SMyomayo    23

like i say you before , try " beat doll " (training dummy) " in tiamranta . For PvE you need Weaving 

dmg per min  500-600k  ( training dummy )  650k ( top ranger PvE  EU version 3.0 +  )

6 years ago i waste two days for rise my dmg from 200k to 480k per min  

for PvP its another story with jumpshot 

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