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  1. Fishy sin

    Okay, let's have a quick talk about "normal" Sins. Normal Sins usually weave blindly aa-skill-aa-skill-aa-skill and so on, regardless of the skill they use. This means they use an autohit, press a skill and then literally sit there and wait for the next autohit timer, to follow up with the next skill. You can do that if you are a dual wielding Gladiator, since Gladiator's skills have really long animations (except for maybe the Body Smash chain or Sure Strike in later patches), but the Assassin has many skills with very short animations, which allows you to spam two skills while still getting the following autohit timer, without any loss. This results in more skills used in the same period of time and thus, more damage than usual. If we take a look at the screenshots, we'll realize that the Sin is doing exactly that. He's pairing Encircling Strike and Rune Carve during his burst on Pashid. Also Fang Strike + Beast Kick (very short animations), Assassination + Killing Spree and 2x Killing Spree (which are basically exactly the same), then the single Rune Carve is a misplay (the only one I've seen tbh), followed by Fang Strike + Beast Kick again. And so on. You get the point. If I say "any Sin can perform like that", I mean any Sin that wants to. Most Aion players are just lazy and ignorant though. PS: I'm not playing Sin, so I can't help you out directly, but Para has already offered himself as a test subject and I'm sure he'd be able to perform well enough, so hf.
  2. Fishy sin

    As long as the ping isn't unreasonably high, yes. Also yes. No need for Synapse or anything similar though.
  3. Fishy sin

    At the top of the last screenshot, at 20:16:17, the player is killing a Pod, while using skill-aa-skill in one second and then again skill-aa-skill in another. Absolutely normal phenomenon. At the bottom of the same screenshot he's getting parries on Pashid, while using aa-skill and skill-aa-skill in two separate seconds. That's just how things work. Nothing special. But if we look at the first screenshot you posted, we'll see that something's different. - He's using aa-skill-aa-skill in a single second on Pashid (20:17:25; 20:17:31). - He's not getting any parries at all. - He just started attacking Pashid (visible by the target-filter in the upper left corner and the fact that the scrollbar is at the very top). This makes some things very obvious: He has saved Oath of Accuracy and Flurry for his initial burst on the boss, which is why his attackspeed is higher, allowing him to push in one more autohit in the same second - which is, like I already said, mathematically fine.
  4. Fishy sin

    If this is done with Word of Wind or Flurry, then yes, absolutely possible and to be expected. If it's without, then definitely not possible. Not even with Dagger/Dagger (which isn't the case... in this case). You should be able to check for buffs with this version of ARM.
  5. Problem with Campain Misions

    There's a separate questline for Aethertechs in this version of the game. You have less campaign quests than other classes (none in Brusthonin/Theobomos iirc), but more blue quests with similar tasks to balance it out. So yes, it's normal.
  6. Well yes, you can always block people. But let's be honest, considering the amount of times people have publicly told you to shut the fuck up, it's kinda time to consider doing exactly that. I personally have blocked you months ago. Did it help? No, not really, because even though I can't read the crap you write anymore, I still have to read other people on LFG telling you to shut the fuck up. You really should reflect on yourself, your actions and your behaviour.
  7. Koby 11 Hits 3 Sec

    Are you going to report every single gunner you see on this server? Yet again, it's only 5 skills in 4 seconds. I'd suggest you look up the class and its skills to learn about that stuff.
  8. Koby 26 Skilsl in 5 Sec

    It's 10 skills in 6 seconds, actually.
  9. As i've never seen any of those people in my entire life, I'm pretty sure I'll be able to look at this situation from a neutral standpoint, so let's analyze it. At the beginning of the video we can see the Tech and the Chanter standing around and not targeting each other, while the Ranger is invisible. This seems slightly suspicious, but let's call it a tactical move. At 00:23, the Tech joins the fight between the Chanter and the Ranger after both used their Remove Shock skills and starts attacking the obviously squishier Ranger. Looks fine. 00:30, the Ranger dies while the Chanter is at 25% HP and blinded by the Sandstorm Trap. The AT - instead of hunting him down - makes a few steps in the opposite direction and then runs after the Relic. Doesn't make much sense, but the round was literally about to end, so yea, whatever. But the fact that the Chanter didn't target the Tech while running away is still a little bit weird... As if he already knew the AT wouldn't attack him. 01:32, the Tech could've done the last hit on the Chanter, but didn't. 02:35, again Chanter vs Ranger. Both are at 5% HP and the Tech incs. The Tech decides to go after the Ranger which is behind a corner and ignores the Chanter which is right in front of him. He kills the Ranger and double boosts away from the Chanter instead of attacking him. This makes absolutely no sense. He could have safely killed both of them if he attacked the Chanter first and the Ranger after that. Not attacking the class that can heal itself while it's at 5% first and giving it actually time to heal itself is kinda sus. Completely ignoring the class is even more sus. 03:10 the AT takes fall damage... For some reason. AT and Chanter are both in each others attack range, but instead of attacking, the AT targets the Ranger (03:14) and then removes his target completely. The Ranger jumps down and gets completely raped by both of them. The Tech loses 30% of his HP and uses Remove Shock in the process. The Chanter, instead of attacking the AT, which is in the first place and an easy target at this moment, ignores him and runs away in another direction. The AT doesn't bother to select the Chanter, because he seems to know that he isn't going to be chased anyway. 03:50, contrary to Pacts' statement, the AT does not actually prioritise the Chanter. In fact, we can see him use Cinder Cannon and Gattling Gun (the ranged skills) on the Ranger, followed by Chilling Wave and Riplash, which are both frontal AoEs, immediately followed by Electric Shock on the Ranger. The chance of the AT having targeted the Chanter at any time is very close to zero. 04:11, the Chanter has already respawned, but completely ignores the 30% HP Tech which is standing right in his face. He attacks the full HP Ranger instead (04:24). 04:48, the Tech does the last hit on the Ranger and yet again completely ignores the 30% HP Chanter which already used Remove Shock. None of them is targeting the other one. 05:08, the Chanter is below 20% HP and rooted by the Ranger. The AT could easily kill him by using Cinder Cannon. The AT decides to attack the 95% HP Ranger. After they both kill him, the AT just sprints away. 05:30, the AT sees an easy target and runs towards the Ranger. He buffs up to the fullest; the Ranger dies in the water or whatever that shit is and the AT just does a 180 and runs away. Fully buffed. Ye. 05:55, the Ranger is the last one in the ranking. If the Chanter joins him in the fight against the Tech (which is very close to him, at 60% HP, rooted and without Remove Shock), he would win. The Chanter instead decides to kill the Ranger and to run away from the Tech. To summarize it: The Tech has hit the Chanter, like, twice? With his AoE, while focussing the Ranger. So basically by accident. The Chanter on the other hand didn't hit the AT even once. Btw, I don't think the Ranger "stopped trying" or "started trolling and fucking around" at the end. Maybe he was a little frustrated and did some mistakes because of that, but I'm pretty sure that it wasn't on purpose. I mean, at 00:05, he uses Bestial Fury and Focused Shots for no reason, losing his Hide and the advantage in the process, while standing right beside the Chanter. That's just how he plays. He also could have milked it much more while he was standing on the balcony at 03:15, to make the teaming even more obvious, but he didn't, since he was aiming for the win and not for some unrightful ban or whatever. Also, the fact that the Chanter and AT are seemingly both from the same legion and the legion seems to have some beef with the Ranger doesn't make it any better. My opinion: 100% teaming, 100% against the rules, 100% deserved a temporary ban. It's fine to join the arena with your buddys, but damn, act accordingly.
  10. What Gear Should I Use (Templar)

    I suggest you get the Battle Shield for ancient coins [item:115001604] since it's one of the best PvE-shields in the game. Easy to get and very easy to enchant to +5 to get the full 70% damage reduction on blocks. If you go full crit+19, you'll probably have around 5 slots left for non-crit manastones. You can use HP+105 to fill these slots, if you want, but I personally would use attack+7, because, well, ~500 HP aren't going to save you, but damage is damage. Example:!3AETQf5
  11. Problrm with Panda candies.

    @TheAlmighty did the candies from the shop also get changed? If not... can you change them? Getting 4% on all speeds without having to see that annoying panda face anymore would be absolutely amazing.
  12. Teleport hack ?

    Since I haven't found a clause disallowing discussions about bans, I'll just be me for a minute and have a talk about this ban. @Admin is this video the only source of evidence you've received? Because if it is, then the ban of the sin is unjustified. Let me explain. The base speed of a character is 6. This means the character moves 6 ingame-meters per second. Everyone gets an armor set with a movement speed bonus of 22%, the sin additionally uses a panda candy with 3%, a running scroll with 30% and he starts using Sprinting at 00:25 of the video, which increases his speed by another 20%. So the sins speed is 10.5 (6 * 1.75), while the movement speed of the recording cleric is 9.1 (6 * 1.52). This allows the sin to gain up to 1.4 (10.5 - 9.1) meters of distance per second, if he's running in a straight line. We can see the sin getting hit by Smite at 00:30 of the video, while being ~25m away from the cleric. The cleric then starts following him for four seconds, where he takes a screenshot (00:34 in the video). At this point the distance has increased to ~31m, which is absolutely legit, because the sin should've traveled (1.4 * 4) ~5.6m farther. Then the game lags for a little bit more than a second between 00:34 and 00:36 because of the screenshot. The cleric isn't moving at that time and the sin should've moved by ~10.5m, which absolutely happened, since he is at ~41m distance at that time. After that the cleric keeps following him until 00:49 where the distance is ~52m, shortly before the sin uses hide. That's a gain of ~11m in 13 seconds (0.84m/s), which is more than plausible - even too low - but that's understandable, because the cleric was cutting corners at the end and the sin wasn't. All I see is a player running away from an unfair 1vs2 using his classes skills (and a running scroll - which the gladiator didn't even use). He gained zero advantage from that visual bug. But that's just my opinion...
  13. Improving DPS

    Agonizing Arrow is fine, but its cooldown is too high in this patch. You also have to waste slots on Lethal Arrow, which kinda sucks because of the 2s cast, and Hunter's Might isn't good either. As a ranger it's about using damage-stigmas that either have a higher dps than Deadshot (which is basically anything except Silence Arrow and Lethal Arrow), and buffs that increase your attack or damage in some way. Just think about it... Devotion increases your attack by 40% for 5s - and everyone knows and understands how important that buff is. So how can you not use Bow of Blessing for example? It's 20% attack for 60s. Same goes for Speed of the Wind; 10% for 60s. Sharpen Arrows: 10% permanently! That's actually insane. Focused Shots is probably the most important buff to increase your dps on the damage meter. The value itself doesn't matter, but if you care about it; Focused Shots is probably going to make you happy. Even if you don't care - the buff increases the damage (not attack!) of every single skill (not auto-attack) by 30%. By using it you'll end up using less skills (less bad skills like Deadshot), but those that you use will do a lot more damage. In the end it's about finding the perfect balance between weaves, Deadshots and Focused Shots. Look at your skills. Find those that do more damage than Deadshot. Find those that do less. Never use a low-damage skill if you can use a high-damage skill or Deadshot. Never use a high-damage skill without Focused Shots. Never have a high-damage skill off cooldown for too long. Since you are currently using Aiming instead of Focused Shots, your actual accuracy should be around 2950, which is fine. Don't change it. I guess you have an AC bow, BM acces and some 5-slot gear. This should be enough to deal about 600k damage in 3 minutes on a training dummy. Try to get there.
  14. Improving DPS

    Okay, first off - it's cool that you ask stuff like that. Aion-players aren't usually interested in improvement... Second; gear is important, but it's not everything. A lot of people think two equally geared players would do equal damage, which is FAR from being true though. Keep that in mind. Looking at your specific case, I guess the other ranger was simply killing Ides without doing any mob- or boss-damage. So he used his 'best' skills to burst the Ides and then kept waiting for them to respawn. This way he had a high DPS in the time he actually did damage and the DPS didn't drop afterwards by the use of the 'worse' skills, because, well, he didn't use them... The time in which a player doesn't do any hits isn't counted by the DPSmeter. But recorded DPS isn't important anyway. Just ignore it and look at the overall damage. So... Why's your damage on Hyperion so low? Maybe you were the only one who did damage on the adds while everyone else kept dpsing the boss. Could be. I don't know. But boss-damage is worthless anyway, so let's skip that. Let's get to your overall damage. I guess that's the 1.2mil you are talking about. If the Ide-killer also did the same amount of damage, I guess the duration of your run was about 13 minutes. This means your actual dps is about 1,500. That's quite bad to be honest. This could have several reasons. Maybe you aren't weaving properly. Maybe your stigma-build isn't optimized. Maybe you aren't using your buffs properly. Maybe you don't even have your important damage-buffs because your stigma-build sucks, idk. Maybe you are constantly idling instead of pressing some skills... Could be anything. What I do know: Your stats are a little bit off. 1150 crit strike is okay, but you'd be capped at 1200, so why not just get there? 921 crit without any sort of buffs is the value to get to. Then you add a scroll (120), food (60), an idian (at least 34) and chanter's intensity mantra (65), which then equals to 1200. Add 65 crit if you want to always be capped without a chanter. Your accuracy is too high. That's not bad or anything but you are wasting slots. 2500 is enough to hit Hyperion and 2800 to hit all the adds. But you'd need more for Dynatoum, Grendal and Sheba, so just stick to about 3000. I don't know how much attack you have, but you should push it as high as possible, since it DOES increase the damage caused by skills. Also, the dps-wise best stigma-build is this one: I'm not saying you should use this exact build, but you should try to get there as much as possible. If I would see your gear, stigmas and gameplay, I could say what's right and what's wrong, but this is all I can currently help with.