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Mimsy    4
Posted (edited)

1 player instance at Sillus Fortress, Katalam. Can be done 1 time every day.

Mainly done for farming composite manastones.

In this guide I will not go into the instance itself too much, but will show all of the boxes and keys locations to maximize farming.

Each box found contains superior potions, relics, ancient coin and composite manastone bundles.


Instance entrance:



When inside, follow this route:


1 – box (on top)

2 – box (on top)

3 – box (below)

4 – box (in room)

5 – box (on platform)

6,7,8,9 – box at one of them

10,11 – mob with a cell key

12 – box in cell (use key)

13 – box (glide over waterfall)


Let me know if i missed anything or got anything wrong :)

Hope I helped someone, Good luck!

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