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  1. Hyperion set for templar

    Hi, I've been gathering hyperion gear parts for a while, specifically the enraged set.. but i noticed the set buff only applies for the sword. should I be aiming to the incensed set instead then? does the incensed set give the full buff with the hyperion gs? thanks.
  2. Danuar Mysticarium

    1 player instance at Sillus Fortress, Katalam. Can be done 1 time every day. Mainly done for farming composite manastones. In this guide I will not go into the instance itself too much, but will show all of the boxes and keys locations to maximize farming. Each box found contains superior potions, relics, ancient coin and composite manastone bundles. Instance entrance: When inside, follow this route: 1 – box (on top) 2 – box (on top) 3 – box (below) 4 – box (in room) 5 – box (on platform) 6,7,8,9 – box at one of them 10,11 – mob with a cell key 12 – box in cell (use key) 13 – box (glide over waterfall) Let me know if i missed anything or got anything wrong Hope I helped someone, Good luck!
  3. While i was online a sec ago i got dced. and now i can't relog. getting a message that i cant connect to server in the client. The server is online and it seems only i get this problem. Please help. Thanks!
  4. Dont do drugs and play aion / Drama ink /

    Nah I think I'll keep going.
  5. Templar gear

    Hi, I've been working on improving my Templar recently and I'm not sure what to do weapon-wise. I've got full BM gear + manastones (reached 3k accuracy and the rest - crit). I'm working on getting full sauro pve gear, and i also got the sauro gs. Do i need sauro sword&shield? is it worth it getting a mace? (some told me its better for pve) which weapons and gears i should aim for? it's all so confusing.. Thanks in advance
  6. Templar Stigmas and Gears

    wow, thanks a lot! ill be using that comment for a while btw, i've heard that templars also use a gear with block and magical acc as a defensive gear (magical acc to increase chances of cc) will i need a gear like that in the future?
  7. Templar Stigmas and Gears

    I know there are builds which depends on the situation. i guess im looking for all of those builds, how to use them and when. isnt there like a full templar guide which discusses all of them?
  8. Templar Stigmas and Gears

    Hi, I'm a fresh new player who just recently leveled to 65. Until now I've been using random stigmas I found along the way. Any good guides that cover everything about different stigma builds, gears to use and how to upgrade them (for this version)? I also know I should always switch between gs and sword & shield, but I'm not sure In what situations and when.. Thanks in advance
  9. LEVEL UP FAST 1-65

    Looks like you ignored the REAL faction..
  10. Where to level

    I'll try those out, thx for the comment!
  11. Where to level

    Hi, im a level 62 templar and i have no idea where to level now. According to what ive read i should go duo BT till i open Danaria's campaign.. yet when i try we usually get wiped. Any alternatives? (already completed Katalam's campaign..) Thx in advance!
  12. [Asmo] WTS Magical Aether

    Selling magical aether (greater/pure/brilliant) on broker! cheapest rn come quick
  13. Professions

    Damn, that's sad to hear. You think the server's management will ever tweak certain mechanics to fit the current player base or will it forever stay this way?
  14. Professions

    Hi, I'm pretty new here and tbh i'm also pretty new to Aion in general. Given that Alchemy and Cooking is off the table, are there any good professions left? I'm looking for a profession to help out my squad and make good money.. (Btw I'm lvl 400 in Aethertapping - so a profession towards aether will be nice) Thanks in advance!