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      Ddos attacks! / Атаки на сервер!   08/16/2022

      The server is under consistent DDos-attqcks. We are testing and setting a new defense system (for now unsuccessfully). The server is unstable for now. Disconnections, unplanned maintenances are possible, as well as it may be impossible to enter the game. There's no need to contact the supports now, as until the problems are fixed generally, there's nothing else we could do you regarding this issue. Together with "standard" ddos we have more advanced attacks that seek for the breaches in the game server infrastructure breaches. 
      Since the start of the problem we have found and closed some of the breaches (and just recently closed some more). Sadly the intruder finds new ones. Closing them is not that easy, as there are no ready to use fixes/solutions for such problem. Compensations for the failed instances are not possible anymore! After the unplanned restars/server drops, the entries will be reset (may depend on the circumstances). Thank you for understanding
      Сервер находится под постоянными атаками. Работа сервера нестабильна. Возможны отключения, внеплановые рестарты, невозможность зайти в игру. Нет смысла обращаться в поддержку для решения этих проблем. Пока не будут решены проблемы с атаками мы ни чем не сможем вам помочь. Компенсации за вылеты из данжей выдаваться больше НЕ будут. После внеплановых рестартов/падений сервера входы в данжи будут сбрасываться (могут быть и не сброшены. В зависимости от обстоятельств). Кроме стандартного ddos'а мы имеем дело с более продвинутыми атаками, нацеленными на уязвимости инфраструктуры игрового сервера.
      За время атак, было найдено и ликвидировано несколько уязвимостей. Но злоумышленники находят новые "дырки" в программном обеспечении сервера. Их выявление и закрытие это непростая задача. Готовых решений для решения этой проблемы не существует.  Мы делаем все возможное для решения сложившихся проблем. Спасибо за понимание.
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Possible problems with the game client

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List of possible problems with the launcher and game client
photo_2021-01-30_09-40-09 (2).jpg

First of all it is necessary to download and install all the software listed lower, even if you are sure that it is already installed on your PC.
1 - DirectX. A sufficient version of the program (June, 2008) can be downloaded from the website . Open the file and choose any folder where the file will be unpacked. Then go to the folder and open the installing file .exe, it will install the program if necessary. ATTENTION! After you launch the downloaded file, it will ask you to provide the path for the unpacking of the files. One more time: it is only unpacking! After the unpacking you must open the provided folder and launch the installation with the file DXSETUP.
2 - Microsoft Visual C++ Download and install the necessary components from here.
3 - Download and install NET Framework. Download it exactly from this link as it is necessary for the correct working of the launchar of the game!


As a rule, 99% of all the problems (if you have all the listed above software installed) are solved by the full checking of the game client with the launcher. So, in case you are facing some issues, first of all check your game client!


Download game launcher and check the game!

Possible problems with the game client:

"CrySystem.dll Loading Failed" (and other .dll files)
Install DirectX as is it advised in the beginning of the topic.

"AionClient has stopped working" (Win7, 32-bit, aion.bin crash)"
Install DirectX as is it advised in the beginning of the topic.

"Critical error: error loading DLL: CrySoundSystem.dll error code 127"
a) Delete the file CrySoundSystem.dll in the folder /bin32 and in the folder /bin64. Check the client with the launcher;
b) Install DirectX as is it advised in the beginning of the topic.

"AionClient - Has stopped working/a problem caused program to stop working correctly" with SendLogClient window
a) Install DirectX as is it advised in the beginning of the topic + the latest version from the official website;
b) Install the latest drivers for your video-card.

"Critical error: error loading DLL: Game.dll. error code 14001"
"Runtime Error!"
Install Microsoft Visual C++ as is it advised in the beginning of the topic.

“No game server is available to the authorization server” or “Cannot connect to the authorization server” 
a) Delete the folders bin32, bin64 and update the client with the launcher;
b) It is possible that you are using extra routers to access to the Internet, or active firewall blocks aion.bin processes or its ports. You must add aion.bin to the exceptions and provide the access to every port over TCP protocol.

“You have been disconnected from the server”
a) Disable your anti-virus (better uninstall it for some time) and check for changes;
b) the server is offline;
c) you have an internet problem.

“My characters are not displayed”
Check the client with the launcher.

"Critical error: error loading DLL: Game.dll error code 193.
Delete the file Game.dll in the folders /bin32 and /bin64. Update the client.

“Aion.bin not found”
a) Update the game with the launcher;
b) Delete the folders bin32, bin64 and update the game.

“x:\Document and Settings\Admin\Local Settings\Temp\~.tmp” not found
Решение: The best way is to reinstall Windows.

"This program is unavailable in your country"
"1024"/"Failed to initialize the game"
Solution: Delete the folders /L10N, bin32, bin64 and all the files in the game folder (only files, not folders). Check the game with the launcher. 

The game is in Korean or crashes after NCSOFT screen.
Solution: Delete the folders /L10N, bin32, bin64 and all the files in the game folder (only files, not folders). Check the game with the launcher.

"(1023) Failed to set graphic acceleration preferences"
Install the latest drivers for your video card.

"Error: _version.ini not found"
Check the game with the launcher.

"You have been disconnected from the server"
a) You have an internet problem;
b) You've been inactive for more than 30 minutes.

"Error opening .bin file"
Add the game folder to the white list of your anti-virus program.

"Wrong login/password"
The problem is in the password/login. Log in on our website and check if the same data is entered into the launcher. Check the text language. 

"No error, the game doesn’t start"
a) Run the game as an Administrator;
b) Install DirectX as is it advised in the beginning of the topic.

"Black screen with sound on the logging in stage and the music is playing"
a) Delete the files system.cfg, SystemOptionGraphics.cfg from the game folder. Start the game;
b) Start menu -> run -> regedit -> ok, then in the branch HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Aion\Client\ find SystemInfo and delete it.

"The mouse is laggy, jumps to the center and camera is limited to 180°"
Remove Overwolf component of the programTS3.

"Virtual Machine detected. Code 0x14(0).
a) Open Control panel -> Programs and features -> on the left side of the window press "Turn Windows features on or off" -> disable "Virtual Machine Platform" and "Windows Sandbox" features.
b) Enter BIOS/UEFI and switch off the VM feature.

Windows corrupted (Patch guard is turned off), Game start is impossible. Code 0x7(9021)
a) Press WIN+R, write msconfig -> press enter; go to the Boot tab and choose Windows 10.
b) If you don't have any boot variants in there, the only way to fix the problem is to reinstall Windows.

Launch error, please, close all games!3
Disable Startup of Third-party App:
Jointly hold Windows & R hotkeys -> In the void box type "msconfig" -> OK -> switch to the Services tab and mark the Hide All Microsoft Services checkbox present at the bottom ->click on Disable All button.
Then go to the Startup tab and click on Open Task Manager -> select the 3rd party applications running within the PC and hit the Disable button -> OK.

If the upper fix doesn't help, then the problem is caused by some new Windows update.
In this case you need to delete that update:

Settings -> Update and Security -> Windows Updates Center -> Update history

Delete the update from the screenshot below and the other updates from the same date (your date may differ).



Game crash/black screen when pressing alt+tab / can't change graphic settings:
Go to the game folder and open the file "SystemOptionGraphics.cfg" with Notepad -> Find the parameter "Windowfullscreen" and set it to "1".

The launcher continues downloading over the limit



a) Add the game to the white list of all your antimalware programs inclusind Windows defender and in firewall. Reboot the PC and start the launcher.
b) Right ckick on the game folder -> Properties -> Remove the checkmark from the attribute "read only" -> OK. Start the launcher.

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