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Jesp    4
Posted (edited)

Hello everyone!

TWINKY WINKY is a legion looking for twinks for Fun, PVP, Dredgions, Sieges, etc.

/w Bep, Bup, Jesp, Zottu with your Twink character if you want to be added! 

  • What's a twink? 

A twink is a character that stays at low levels and buys PVP gear, Twinks can even kill Lv 65s if they're good enough. It's just to have fun.

For example, a Twink Lv. 50 has to have Abyss PVP gear, PVP accessories from a camp in Besluslan, Tahabata weapon fused with Abyss PVP weapon.
But there is more variety, some people prefer to stay at Lv 55, 40, & more!


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