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[Katalam/Danaria] Check BM camps captain is UP?!

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Yitta    9

When u use /where and can find location is captain up.

Elyos Captains in camp:


/where occupation garrison warcaptain
/where spiralroot garrison warcaptain
/where foothold garrison warcaptain
/where ruins garrison warcaptain
/where cliffside garrison warcaptain
/where irigani garrison warmarshal
/where redoubt garrison warmarshal
/where windswept garrison warcaptain
/where pass garrison warcaptain
/where desolation garrison warcaptain
/where icethorn garrison warcaptain
/where starlit garrison warcaptain
/where archways garrison warmarshal
/where eldris garrison warcaptain
/where promontory garrison warcaptain
/where silona garrison warcaptain
/where stonewatch garrison warmarshal
/where vigils garrison warcaptain
/where meadow garrison warcaptain

Asmodian Captains in camp:


/where occupation warcaptain
/where spiralroot warcaptain
/where foothold warcaptain
/where ruins warcaptain
/where cliffside warcaptain
/where irigani warmarshal
/where redoubt warmarshal
/where windswept warcaptain
/where pass warcaptain
/where desolation warcaptain
/where icethorn warcaptain
/where starlit warcaptain
/where archways warmarshal
/where eldris warcaptain
/where promontory warcaptain
/where silona warcaptain
/where stonewatch warmarshal
/where vigils warcaptain
/where meadow warcaptain

Balaur Captains in camp:


/where occupation subjugator tribuni
/where spiralroot subjugator tribuni
/where foothold subjugator tribuni
/where ruins subjugator tribuni
/where cliffside subjugator tribuni
/where irigani subjugator prefectus
/where redoubt subjugator prefectus
/where windswept subjugator tribuni
/where pass subjugator tribuni
/where desolation subjugator tribuni
/where icethorn subjugator tribuni
/where starlit subjugator tribuni
/where archways subjugator prefectus
/where eldris subjugator tribuni
/where promontory subjugator tribuni
/where silona subjugator tribuni
/where stonewatch subjugator prefectus
/where vigils subjugator tribuni
/where meadow subjugator tribuni


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Arkanit    2

Here ya go:



71[where:occupation garrison warcaptain]
72[where:spiralroot garrison warcaptain]
73[where:foothold garrison warcaptain]
74[where:ruins garrison warcaptain]
75[where:cliffside garrison warcaptain]
76[where:irigani garrison warmarshal]
77[where:redoubt garrison warmarshal]
78[where:windswept garrison warcaptain]
79[where:pass garrison warcaptain]

80[where:desolation garrison warcaptain]
81[where:icethorn garrison warcaptain]
82[where:starlit garrison warcaptain]
83[where:archways garrison warmarshal]
84[where:eldris garrison warcaptain]
85[where:promontory garrison warcaptain]
86[where:silona garrison warcaptain]
87[where:stonewatch garrison warmarshal]
88[where:vigils garrison warcaptain]
89[where:meadow garrison warcaptain]



71[where:occupation warcaptain]
72[where:spiralroot warcaptain]
73[where:foothold warcaptain]
74[where:ruins warcaptain]
75[where:cliffside warcaptain]
76[where:irigani warmarshal]
77[where:redoubt warmarshal]
78[where:windswept warcaptain]
79[where:pass warcaptain]

80[where:desolation warcaptain]
81[where:icethorn warcaptain]
82[where:starlit warcaptain]
83[where:archways warmarshal]
84[where:eldris warcaptain]
85[where:promontory warcaptain]
86[where:silona warcaptain]
87[where:stonewatch warmarshal]
88[where:vigils warcaptain]
89[where:meadow warcaptain]



71[where:occupation subjugator tribuni]
72[where:spiralroot subjugator tribuni]
73[where:foothold subjugator tribuni]
74[where:ruins subjugator tribuni]
75[where:cliffside subjugator tribuni]
76[where:irigani subjugator prefectus]
77[where:redoubt subjugator prefectus]
78[where:windswept subjugator tribuni]
79[where:pass subjugator tribuni]

80[where:desolation subjugator tribuni]
81[where:icethorn subjugator tribuni]
82[where:starlit subjugator tribuni]
83[where:archways subjugator prefectus]
84[where:eldris subjugator tribuni]
85[where:promontory subjugator tribuni]
86[where:silona subjugator tribuni]
87[where:stonewatch subjugator prefectus]
88[where:vigils subjugator tribuni]
89[where:meadow subjugator tribuni]


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