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  1. Hello, today 28/08/22 at 15:03 UTC +2 server crashed. At this time we were in the Infinity Shard(Hyperion). This all resulted in the dungeon failure. We need Infinity Shard CD scrolls & Strange Ide Crystal x10 for the members. Screenshot: Alliance members:
  2. [Elyos] WTT +4 attack plume

  3. [Elyos] WTT +4 attack plume

    The only offer that remains: WTB <Kaisinel's Plume: Magic Boost>+5
  4. [Elyos] WTT +4 attack plume

    WTS my +4 physical plume. Price 2kkk.
  5. Hey, you have had a Plain 1-Drawer Cabinet, to have access to its storage you need to have the same type installed in your home. Obviously, your new Clean 1-Drawer Cabinet is of another kind and grants completely different storage space. Buy a Plain 1-Drawer Cabinet to obtain access to your old storage.
  6. [Elyos] WTT +4 attack plume

    WTT my +4 physical plume for +4 magical one or +5 with extra pay.
  7. [Event] Cocktail Party!

    [Event] Ice-hot Box also drop Plastic Surgery Ticket Box (1 day).
  8. Accidentally bought a wrong belt

    That's it. Thank you very much!
  9. Accidentally bought a wrong belt

    Charname: Myqueen Desired item: Custodian's Magic Belt
  10. Hello, today my friend accidentally bought the wrong belt Custodian's Combat Belt instead of Custodian's Magic Belt. Could kind administration help and swap those things? Side: Elyos Charname: Myqueen Estimated time of the purchase: 21:00-21:44 server time
  11. Tia-Siege and Dayli quest into Tia-Eye

    Hi, but the label clearly says "league". That means it must counts for all players in the league, which inflicted the most damage. It's unfair to other players, who doing sieges.
  12. Tia-Siege and Dayli quest into Tia-Eye

    It just does not count the kill of Tiamat's Incarnation, whether you are in a league or not.
  13. Tia-Siege and Dayli quest into Tia-Eye

    Also, legion quest [League] Attack the Incarnation where u need to kill one of Tiamaranta's siege lords, is not working. Fix it, please.
  14. [Event] Bloody revolution