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  1. WTS [Elyos] Exalted Nolan Necklace

  2. WTS [Elyos] Exalted Nolan Necklace

    Hello, I'm selling Exalted Nolan Necklace - the best magic resist necklace, and one of the best magic boost, magic accuracy & crit spell stats. Price: 1.5 billion kinah. I'm playing on Elyos. Contact me here.
  3. Shop items

    Summoning Stone: Stigma Master (Personal) Summoning Stone: Stigma Master (Group)
  4. [Event] Happy Valentine's Day

    Hello, I played this event the previous year and selected my path(lover or loner). Now the event won't give me a choice to select the path again, instead, it offers me my old one. I don't want to follow this and receive rewards that I have already acquired. It would be reasonable if people, who selected their path in the previous year could make their choice again.
  5. [Event] Shugo Kingdom Adventure

    The event Shugo Kingdom Imperial Tomb was prolonged until 12.02 (inclusively).
  6. Hello, today 28/08/22 at 15:03 UTC +2 server crashed. At this time we were in the Infinity Shard(Hyperion). This all resulted in the dungeon failure. We need Infinity Shard CD scrolls & Strange Ide Crystal x10 for the members. Screenshot: Alliance members:
  7. [Elyos] WTT +4 attack plume

  8. [Elyos] WTT +4 attack plume

    The only offer that remains: WTB <Kaisinel's Plume: Magic Boost>+5
  9. [Elyos] WTT +4 attack plume

    WTS my +4 physical plume. Price 2kkk.
  10. Hey, you have had a Plain 1-Drawer Cabinet, to have access to its storage you need to have the same type installed in your home. Obviously, your new Clean 1-Drawer Cabinet is of another kind and grants completely different storage space. Buy a Plain 1-Drawer Cabinet to obtain access to your old storage.
  11. [Elyos] WTT +4 attack plume

    WTT my +4 physical plume for +4 magical one or +5 with extra pay.
  12. [Event] Cocktail Party!

    [Event] Ice-hot Box also drop Plastic Surgery Ticket Box (1 day).
  13. Accidentally bought a wrong belt

    That's it. Thank you very much!
  14. Accidentally bought a wrong belt

    Charname: Myqueen Desired item: Custodian's Magic Belt