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[Suggestion] Elite Ancient Manastones

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Raidon    105

Here is an idea to refresh some grind. Add Elite Ancient Manastones into Danuar Sanctuary with a slight chance. 


I'm talking about these stones

[item: 167020081] Ancient Manastone: Magic Boost +35 - Aion Codex

[item: 167020074] Ancient Manastone: Physical Crit +24 - Aion Codex

[item: 167020079] Ancient Manastone: Weapon Damage +8 - Aion Codex

And others.

This change could bring some needed benefits.

- Refresh Danuar Sanctuary and make it a viable instance to run.

- Give completionists another route to grind high-end manastones for their precious gear

- Add another potential way to make kinah from farming PVE.

Drop chance should be either very small from boxes, or higher chance but with drop only from last bosses.

It will have no effect on in-game balance.


PVP doesn't benefit from it as AP gear doesn't use Ancient Manastones.

PVE players will have another activity to keep them interested in playing the game while not disrupting the balance. People certainly won't be able to solo Kata with these manastones.

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