Error when start!(code:2)

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Gallas    2

Hello till today,I was able to start the client with pingzapper but today I can't.I've checked the client,changed the ip and still same when try to open game with pingzapper Im getting active anti cheat error code 2.I even tried to connect with different server on pingzapper but not works.Does anybody know what should I do ?The game is not playable without ping reduce programmes.


Ekran görüntüsü 2022-07-31 220741.png

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Christof    72

Hey, servers are banished AUTOMATICALLY by our protection program since the IP addresses of violators (cheaters, account scammers, etc.) are entered into its database. In order to remove the complaint about the blocking of the server, we need to know it (the server) IP address. We have repeatedly made requests to Support the Exit-Lag program so that they would give us the IP addresses of their servers, which receive complaints for their point unblocking and were refused by the developers of the VPN program. If you are interested in the servers being unblocked, you need to contact the Exit-Lag program Support, find out from them the IP address of the server through which you are trying to connect to our server, create a ticket and tell us the IP address of this server. And only then we will be able to unlock it in no other way.

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Fellony    0

I have the same problem for like two weeks
There was three playable PingZapper servers for me
At first Frankfurt 3 stopped working(the best choice), then(two days ago) Frankfurt 2 stopped too and even Frankfurt 1 from yesterday (decent ping with both)
No playable servers left for now...
I play from Saint-Petersburg, if anyone cares

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