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  1. [Event] Bloody revolution

    my suggestion is repetable everyday 1 quest so instead of 9x we can get amount of event duration time. for exp 15 days 15 bags
  2. [Event] Bloody revolution

    Also i wish we could get more than 9x bag till end of event. I m trying to get beritra phantom wings last 2 event . and still couldnt get .
  3. Shop items

  4. [Event] Bloody revolution

    Which day event quests will reset ? Can you extend the duration of the event? 10 days is too short . we only can get 6x [Event] Xenophon's Commander Box till end of event. I was expecting at least 9 box like before
  5. [Event] Happy Valentine's Day

    Could be better as reward Beritra's Phantom Wings
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  7. Last hyperion part issue

    welcome to the depression again . 6th enraged gloves still no incenced . i m really pissed off
  8. Last hyperion part issue

    and again and again and again and again ...
  9. Last hyperion part issue

    i am waiting for last part for 8 months. i have been doing is almost 1 year . Selectable armor box could be best reward from any event with slightly chance.
  10. Hi all. I am waiting for last hyperion part for 8 months . Did IS Runs every week. 3x more run with reset scrolls . server resets ddos attack resets etc. i guess i did more than 150 runs. still missing last part. There is no selectable hyperion box from events. that made me cancer .I stopped to use reset scrolls these days cos i havent got hope about it anymore. I sent ticket from discord to supports . They always said : U r so unlucky , we r so sad about it etc. In my opinion this is not about luck . many times i opened 2x is box and got same part 2 times . for example 2x incensed hyperion pauldron . When I make a correlation between the probability of this happening and the probability of the last batch coming out, everything is very clear. THIS CANT BE DESCRIBE ALWAYS BAD LUCK even got 5x times missing last part but enraged one .. but still no ing incenced gloves. Please supports please i m begging you , Please put selectable hyperion box any event reward . I started thinking about quitting the game because of this situation. Cos every week makes me cancer when i open is box
  11. Shop items

    Indomitable Ailu Form Take the form of an Ailu for 60 min and increases Magic Boost% by 15, Magical Acc% by 60, Atk Speed% by 4%, Casting Speed% by 4%, and Speed% by 4%. [Unsellable] Can u add all type candies without any appearance ? maybe ppl want to fight with own skin appearance. if u ask me i want and dont like panda or crocodile
  12. Refreshing Glory Ranking

    refreshing glory sounds good but removing gp from arenas is not . Maybe u should decrease arena rewards (example:win:20 lose:10)
  13. Shop items

  14. Shop items

    Here is my skin set suggestion . We can get that skins with crafting but cant use another class ones . i hope we see that set in shop soon. Plate : https://aioncodex.com/us/item/110601431/ Leather : https://aioncodex.com/us/item/110301497/ Cloth : https://aioncodex.com/us/item/110101606/