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  1. Shop items

    Hello, would it be possible that this item who is a weapon could be in shop for skin (without statistic) please because its very difficult to get it in game, thanks in advance. Name: NPC Beritra Mace ID : 100101117 Link of database :
  2. Barde Stigmen

    Your welcome have a nice game
  3. Barde Stigmen

    Ok here is the link of the stigma that I have as Dps, you can put the mouse on the picture in this link and it will show the name :
  4. Barde Stigmen

    Hello, I am only speaking english but I putted some screenshot under my comment to make you understand, I have a character bard 65 who is Dps and I am also PVE, in my advice you should put the stigma that it show on the screenshot under my comment, unless if you choose to be support. I hope it will be helpful for you have a nice day
  5. Hello I am writing this message because it would be better if the item in shop say if it's modifying the hair or no, I would suggest to show on item in shop if its modify the hair of the character or no BEFORE buying the item. It is really paintful to buy ecoins for buying an item and that at the final the item is modyfing the hair of the character. It would be more comfortable if there is a preview before buying, it's not the first time that I am buying item and that it's changing the look of the air, on top the item that I bought cannot be sell, its a bit dissapointing, it would be better if they was this option, I really hope in future they will be a preview before buying, best regard.
  6. [Works] Christmas Moments!

    Galaxlight Elyos
  7. Toxic player on the server

    Hello, today I have been abused and accused for saying in world that someone was bad for people and I got this in screenshot, the person say my name and say very bad word to me in search of group (world), the person was extremely toxic saying that he will make me useless that no one invites me to any group anymore and as well saying bad word to me in first screenshot. Best regard.
  8. Bug in base 75 in katalam

    Hello, I am sending this message with a picture showing that I don't have the quest for balaurs for bloods marks, when I go on the map it's show but when I talk to the NPC there is not the quest. It's only work IF someone is sharing the quest, please help me to fix this problem. The base number is 75 in katalam and I have french version of client, best regard.
  9. Hello, I am sending this message and started this topic because I am voting everyday but I didn't get Ecoins, my username GALAXLIGHT1 . Hopefully I can have some answer soon have a good evening.