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  1. Fix the dodge issue

    hello @Christof Don't you think that if the system makes you automatically enter, it will solve the problem? This system has been implemented in many other servers with good effectivness.
  2. Fix the dodge issue

    Can we have a clear answer from the staff once and for all? I know this is a sensitive subject for u guys but we are beginning to lose patience
  3. Fix the dodge issue

    It's arguably way more inclined about dodging for gp these days. Removing the ladder won't change anything, got dodge 6 times yesterday (3 coop 2 kamar 1 jmr); this happens everytime and it was the very beginning of the season so ladder consideration was out of the calc.
  4. Fix the dodge issue

    Hello, i don't even want to see if there is another post about this subject because it pisses me off and i'm definitly not the only one. People are dodging non stop. coop, discipline, jmr, kamar, pvp SWB anything. They dodge because they want their gp (even some of the highest ranked abyss player), they dodge because they want to climb the top player ladder. People cannot stream, people cannot hide the fact they apply. Please code something so when u got entry, it automatically makes you enter. And yes i know about dced or urgency pass but this is a 0.1% rare case compared to the non stop dodging. If you are not ready to apply for a pvp format you shouldn't. But the dodging stuff really has to stop. best regards.
  5. Arena teamup

    One of the most obvious teaming i've seen, they don't even try to hide it
  6. Top Race Kor Event

    Yesung's pov from the event
  7. Top Race Kor Event

    Elyos won 3-1, thx for those who participated, cya maybe another day
  8. Top Race Kor Event

    that's kind of the point of my event, to try to make pvp a little more present on this server but well i guess it's already too late at some point
  9. Top Race Kor Event

    RESULTS (1st / 2nd (3rd) ) Templar: Bamby 17 / Mioxx 14 Annoyance 5 / Mzz 3 Gladiator: Shikastyle 19 / Spaceguy 7 / Riv 6 Bartan 4 / Kenobi 2 (reconquista is out, 6) Cleric : Phyron 3 hope he will be there (qtp out 13, rulai out 5) Tommek 3 hope he will be there (no other one) Chanter: TIED Chuchichaesti and Elowyn 6 votes Ticklemypickle 3 hope he will be there (no other one) AT: Axius 16 / Korri 4 Senju 14 / Pyromachine 3 Ranger: Tied Copai and Quellacien 7 votes Qinzz 16 Assassin: Sai, reiyu, bestsineu 15 / Assassinaor 5 Derenaya and hope he can be there 3 Gunner: Dagoma 30 / Turbonugget 5 Wasserkocher 6 / Balledeneumili 4 Spiritmaster: Argothon 21 / Chitra 8 Degcube 10 and no other one so hope again Bard: Naho 12 / Wimee 11 was close ! Shandris and hope .. 4 votes And the closest one Sorcerer Chang 12 / Kajumi 9 / Genocide 8 Vootan 6 / Desimp 3 I'll contact everyone to confirm (especially the tied ones) thx for those who voted and GL for next week guys
  10. Top Race Kor Event

    1 Day left to vote. Some votes remain close: Ely: Sorc (3 tied), Ranger, Cleric(2 tied, qtp is out), Chanter(2 tied). Asmo: Gladiator (recon is out), Sin Results will be finally at 8 pm
  11. Top Race Kor Event

    The elyos cleric Qtp cannot participate to the tournament, please those who voted for him, whisper me in forum your new choice (if you have one)
  12. Top Race Kor Event

    I understand your point of view, mine is i won't host something that will lead to long and boring fights + cleric is still insanely good vs classes like plate with dps set. Not gonna change the format since not everyone will agree with the same rules anyway because they don't share the same vision of the game. Btw it wasn't clear in the first post but MSUP is allowed. + adding hide limited to 1 min per fight as a rule. By dps sets i was referring to not gimmick stuff like MR/block/evasion etc Also, for recommandations or stuff like that, better write a private message or whisper me Ig to bamby/eventer. Keep this post as clean as possible thx :>
  13. Top Race Kor Event

    Hello everyone, i don't about you but i feel this server need a little bit of pvp stuff going on. Got this idea for some weeks now and finally decided to put it on. ----------------------------- Top Race PvP Kor ------------------------------- Where? Tatar Cave When? 26/07/2020 at 3 pm. Rewards? Im poor so for the moment nothing FeelsBadMan Description: Each race will elect what are for them the best players of each class though gdoc. Gdoc will require your ig name to ensure 1 vote per person. However the results will remain only known by me and invisible. As i don't know every alts of everyone, pls play the game fairly and only vote once. As much as possible, don't only vote for your friends or for the people somebody told you to vote. Keep in mind that the goal is to win the fight Each team will be then composed of 11 players. They will both consult to elect a captain that will lead the team. A Kor tournament is like a survivor 1v1 game: - the first oponents are chosen by the captains and whispered to me. I'll announce the fighters and make a countdown to begin the fight - When one opponent dies, the captain shouts the next fighter who will come fight the one who killed the last fighter then again and again. Rules - No DP - Gears are limited to DPS sets, full composite MR or 18 MR stones allowed max. Same for block. Same for stigmas, no benevolence nor elemental screen. - Fight is limited to you vs your opponent, do not leave the arena, do not attack other members as long as they are not called. - No external buffs from your class VOTE HERE UNTIL 19/07/2020 at 11:55 pm I am looking for - An serious asmodian who can lead this event with me. Not a big deal i'm doing the main things, just to help me for organizing with asmodians. - Asssassin who can Stream with good quality (- Rewards if somebody feels rich) -------------------------------------------------------- If you left the game but want to participate and think you have good chances to be elected, try some adversiting just below If you think you might have chances of being elected but can't participate, Pls tell it just below. Same if you just don't wanna participate to that kind of stuff --------------------------------------------------------- Please, this is some work for me so don't do anything stupid (players or spectators) to ruin everything for everyone. Just enjoy and have fun
  14. thx i'm not the only one with this problem. Same about strasbourg server
  15. Suggestion: drop rates DLR/TH

    Ofc friend clerics come to help us, but taking 1h of their time everyday to not get anything is annoying for them and they finish to stop. And no, not every ramdom will get it because the few extendable advailable from this server are from those who farmed TH firstly and they will exchange exten with the premade so everyone will get the right exten. And ye people will buy it, but they will also buy the rod which cost a lot and that will create economy among craft other than alchemy and food. Also, it's an endless gear ofc but when you compare it to what is the endless gear for most of the class (which mean looting a mythical weap out of some instance like grendal/RST/sauro/SWB which is compared to TH really easy to get) that's disproportionate. It's not 3.x anymore, the instance isn't rewarding for everyone.