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  1. OUTLAWS - Legión de habla hispana

    Hola pueden preguntar por lfg hay bastantes activos en la legion. O directamente algun miembro
  2. LEVEL UP FAST 1-65

    No, but it helps you a lot.
  3. LEVEL UP FAST 1-65

    1 - 9 (Poeta) First, you have to do all the blue and blue missions on the map, when you reach level 9 you have to do the campaign with pernos to go to level 10. 10 - 16 (Verteron) From here you have to focus on doing missions blue, but always keep the priority of making the yellow missions that are based on your level to get more EXP, From here to reach level 65. 16 - 21 Instance: Haramel (Verteron) You have to do this instance once or twice to level 16 - 21. 21 - 25 (Theobomos/Eltnen) Choose where to level up, but in theobomos is a good area of stigmas to loot. 25 - 31 Instance: Nochsana Training Camp (Eltnen). You need to do this alone with a scroll 100% expe and clear all. 31 - 37 (Heiron). You can make blue missions and coin missions. 37 - 40 Instance: Kromede's Trial (Heiron). This Instance is unlimited, you can do it as often as you want. 40 - 45 Quest: Steel Rake (Heiron)/ All missions blue, light blue, and the campaigns you can do alone. 45 - 51 (Theobomos). Make blue missions and coin missions. Do what you need. You need a duo for make Adma and use scroll 200% expe. The game should have already given you. 51 - 64 (Inggison)/ Beshmundir temple. When you reach level 50, you can do the mission of the currencies of mithril in Inggison, this is a repetitive mission, you will have it to talk with the warrior in the center of Inggison, besides that you will have to repeat again and again until you reach level 64. This is the part where you have to have much patience as it is the easiest and quickest way to level up, besides getting a lot of mithril coins to sell on the market or use for kahrum. Don't do the campaigns of tiamranta-sarpan-katalam and Danaria!. I recommend doing BT from level 53 but you need to save to buy a scroll 200%expe. 64-65. YOU NEED TO MAKE ALL THE CAMPAIGNS OF TIAMARAN,KATALAM AND DANARIA. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- THANKS FOR WATCHING. My username: Bryandata-Elyos
  4. Happy Halloween

    The results about the screenshots event?
  5. Ping problem

  6. Works for the Contest "Spirit Hunting"!

    User: Bryandata. Character: Knd
  7. Requirements: -Aion NA launcher. -Pingzapper account 1.- Download the aion na launcher. 2.- Install the launcher (It is not necessary to download the game) 3.- You will have a folder like that. 4.- Now we configure our program. Personally use the servers from London or France. This is the result. Give it a like if it served you please! KND-ELYOS
  8. Maintenance 26.10.2019

    What event?