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  1. Refreshing Glory Ranking

    This change should have happened long time ago but anyways im happy they will implement it soon , now we will see sieges more active and with more xforms. Deleting honor points from arenas is also a good change because now we will not have high ranks that dont do siege at all. For the people outside of europe what can i say , im sure they are not happy with the changes cuz of time zones and cant do siege but thats what time zones and different servers are for. All in all thanks for bringing this change.
  2. post your QQ encounters here!

    no one cares , close this topic
  3. [Event] Beritra Treasures!

    tempering solutions , well here you fked up.
  4. Suggestions For Improvement

    mate im 3 star right now but i used to be general , i can easily get rank back by making more gp then other people if i rlly tried , can easily get rank 1 rewards without trading kills. and i never said anything is correct , ur right its wrong but it has always been like that and it will never change. ur talking about truth ? the truth is if you know what you are doing and have experience in the game u can easily become atleast 5 star and even general. if u prefer to cry on forum instead of improving urself thats ur problem.
  5. Elyos make Asmos And Asmos make Elyos

    this guy cries about everything. rank wont make any difference , just that u can xform. as a rank 1 u can kill even the governor if ur geared enough so stop crying about ranks plz ty
  6. Suggestions For Improvement

    bro do you even realise that if they reset ranks again the same people will have the same rank in a week again since they make more hp then other people ? if u wanna rank up be smarter or get better , no point in resetting ranks anymore.
  7. How to craft the extendable weapon?

    1 tip on the blade crystals , if u join a legion that owns one of the forts in katalam or danaria u can buy every 40 - 60 minutes 1 of them so u dont have to wait 8 days if u are in a rush.
  8. Thats called RNG , accept it
  9. High Ping

    hey i have exactly the same problems since 3 days ago , in the morning i had normal ping around 50 like usual and later in the afternoon the ping rised until 300 and didnt chance anymore since that time. on any other game i have like 40 ping except on euroaion. i hope there will be a fix soon because many more people are suffering from this issue.