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  1. Hello, good afternoon, I have been a user of this wonderful server for almost 40 days, and it brings me here the fact that I am presenting a problem with one of my articles. Yesterday I finished the mission corresponding to one of the best FREE TO PLAY titles in the game the Miragent Holy Templar. following a series of guides in 4 long days without sleep. I boasted a little about it in the general chat with the rest of the players, since it was hard work those long 4 days, I'm happy to play for a while longe, I check my statistics and everything is nice, my casting speed is 0.6, my atk speed is 1.5, my speed is 1.5. movement in 7.7 including the panda candy and the respective casting speed scroll +9% and speed move scroll 30% after that I disconnect but today when I log in and start playing I realize that I attack a little slowly and when I review the statistics I realize that the attributes granted by the title the Miragent Holy Templar. are disabled and only movement speed and HP work I started checking the rest and everything looked good, I thought, could it be the client? first assuming the fact of a local error before being able to think that it was the work of the administrative members I exited and reinstalled the game and when I entered the title it still did not work, I checked the internet forums of other aion servers, some active and others already dead and it turns out that there were problems in the past with items and missions. in the games so that the user sees the obligation that if I want to have some type of improvement it must be monetized by the items provided by the server and that makes me very angry because if it is supposed to be a FREE TO PLAY game where there is equality for those who cannot afford to spend money on the server they can play in a balanced way but what just happened makes me question how free to play is this server really I hope it's not yes and that support can help me with this problem because I fell in love with your server and I've spent the last 40 days stuck here without even going out to socialize