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  1. Harassment problems by certain players

    Ok, I understand that they are necessary protocols to ensure greater stability, and I take it for granted as soon as something happens, I capture it and send it to you Thank you for your attention
  2. Harassment problems by certain players

    Booblik And in response to your comment, sir, I inform you that it would be useful to be able to enter the platform only to read without being able to report or respond in real time about what is happening. Do u understand the problem of the matter? Without a verified number I can only read and not report anything unusual in real time through discord since their channel does not allow it
  3. Harassment problems by certain players

    TheAlmighty I understand... of course, it is understandable that by not having any evidence one can take action on the matter, I will be attentive to any irregular event regarding the problem that occurs to me to bring you evidence that is irrefutable. As I already mentioned, the damage has already been done and after this I doubt that they will lower their guard for fear of a report that would contribute to the closure of their accounts If I can't do anything I will have to meet for a nickname and appearance change to make this go away, it was not an option I wanted to take because it would involve a very large delay in my team's advancement and if I did. I will be losing the fight due to harassment or "disappearing" as a player under other pseudonyms. If they don't give me another way, I will have to reconsider.
  4. Harassment problems by certain players

    It is a game that requires social support to be able to advance and if these 4-5 guys have taken it upon themselves to put me in trouble with other communities, it is a serious damage to my integrity as a player since without social groups or "friends" for farming or events /instance" it is impossible to get to something I hope for some possible solution that can alleviate all this internal chaos that these players have, perhaps due to their influence or seniority and more time on the server, they have more truthfulness than me when it comes to imposing something whether they are right or not and that has led to 2 legions expel me. without reason
  5. Very good days, nights or afternoons depending on the occasion, a cordial greeting again happy new year to the team STAFF/CEO I have a very serious problem here with some players who have taken it upon themselves to harass and bother me to the point that when I am in a group about to go do a certain activity, they take charge with lies and tricks, using translation tools to write false things. In different languages, With the sole purpose of making me look bad and getting dirty, this small group of players is 4 or 5 players who use their multi-accounts to do this type of thing. It is so serious that they invite me to groups for some instance or activity and end up removing me right after get in making me lose my ticket but unfortunately we are currently dealing with a toxic society which when "a truth" in this case defamation is supported by the majority which in this case would be the same 4 players using their different accounts to achieve their goal they manage to dirty me in that way I was reviewing the forum rules looking for something that could help me and it turns out that harassment and bullying is penalized by the administrative group. That gave me hope to put a stop to these 4-5 typical players who only like to watch the world burn. I don't use Discord for 2 reasons. 1. It is a platform in which phishing and hacks abound. It has a long list of negative as well as positive points. I previously lost 2 accounts of other games through Discord, including my email, and second, why did I want to? enter but I will not risk my privacy with my phone number which is needed to be able to make full use of the euroion channel I am rejected from entering certain groups without a justified reason, I am a bit confused because I can't even enjoy my game without getting into a state of stress. I ask what's going on and suddenly by chance a player asks me if I have discord, and I ask him why, and he answers because there are some users who say things about you and that can cause problems. Unfortunately I couldn't take screenshots of what happened, which took more than 3 weeks until I decided to come here to post the problem. I'm not a weirdo from the crytal generation who gets offended by everything and takes a screenshot and comes to report for anything. senseless players, as I have already seen many posts, that is why I do not have substantial evidence at this moment to be able to hit them with the full weight of the server rules, but however, after this posted here, I highly doubt that they will lower their guard for fear that a I reported that I would welcome an immediate sanction but the damage done to me in the Russian, Latin and other language communities has already harmed it But if with the nickname you can give them you can review every chat they have sent in the last few weeks or even 24 hours, it would be more than enough for them to realize what is happening.
  6. Error when collecting essences

    Ops! Thank su much again, I have already purchased the profession,(^_^! forgive my ignorance, I am still learning and adapting to the things in the game,greetings and blessings.
  7. Error when collecting essences

    Hello! Very good afternoon, nights or days depending on the occasion , an incident with the topic of Essencetapping upgrade brings me back here. It turns out that after your advice about closing my quests with the NPC Eremitia, I assumed that the change was successful since they gave me the title of expert teacher (Essencetapping) since as such I did not go to pick at that very moment, I had other activities in progress that I had to fulfill, but today with free time I decided to start collecting essences and I found this (It is stuck at level 399 and does not advance) If you could advise me again, to correct this incident, it would be great.
  8. My Quests expert (Essencetapping) BUG

    - ¡Oh yeah! I was right, I went to Eremitia in the monastery and was able to successfully upgrade my profession to expert. Thank alot. - P.D. In response to your question, in fact yes and I have it twice, both the portable version and the launcher but that is already something of little relevance, in fact thank you again for helping me, and until next time, psychological hugs from Venezuela and many blessings.
  9. My Quests expert (Essencetapping) BUG

    - Hello, very good afternoon, a cordial greeting to the CEO/STAFF of EuroAion, a problem brings me here with my change of profession to expert With this, it would be the second problem that I present during my stay here, (Essencetapping) - The NPC who is in charge of finishing the mission simply rejects me, at first glance you can see how the distinctive arrow that is supposed to be above his head does not appear and as a second piece of information when talking to him he only shows incorrect dialogue - I tried changing the client to other languages thinking it could be due to a region error but the error still persists so I'm stuck and I can't keep moving forward Here you can better appreciate the problem of the error, I will be attentive to any news you can offer me to solve this bug and be able to continue moving forward
  10. Hello, good afternoon, I have been a user of this wonderful server for almost 40 days, and it brings me here the fact that I am presenting a problem with one of my articles. Yesterday I finished the mission corresponding to one of the best FREE TO PLAY titles in the game the Miragent Holy Templar. following a series of guides in 4 long days without sleep. I boasted a little about it in the general chat with the rest of the players, since it was hard work those long 4 days, I'm happy to play for a while longe, I check my statistics and everything is nice, my casting speed is 0.6, my atk speed is 1.5, my speed is 1.5. movement in 7.7 including the panda candy and the respective casting speed scroll +9% and speed move scroll 30% after that I disconnect but today when I log in and start playing I realize that I attack a little slowly and when I review the statistics I realize that the attributes granted by the title the Miragent Holy Templar. are disabled and only movement speed and HP work I started checking the rest and everything looked good, I thought, could it be the client? first assuming the fact of a local error before being able to think that it was the work of the administrative members I exited and reinstalled the game and when I entered the title it still did not work, I checked the internet forums of other aion servers, some active and others already dead and it turns out that there were problems in the past with items and missions. in the games so that the user sees the obligation that if I want to have some type of improvement it must be monetized by the items provided by the server and that makes me very angry because if it is supposed to be a FREE TO PLAY game where there is equality for those who cannot afford to spend money on the server they can play in a balanced way but what just happened makes me question how free to play is this server really I hope it's not yes and that support can help me with this problem because I fell in love with your server and I've spent the last 40 days stuck here without even going out to socialize