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  1. bullying

    my favorite forum thread keeps on giving
  2. bullying

    @Elle Moderator told you what to do and you are still crying, this thread keeps getting better and better pathetic hahahaha "I am not the in-game character Elle" Sure you are not.
  3. bullying

    he is right in this case though what is this crybaby thread, keep it coming, good laughs
  4. [Event] Bloody revolution

    This is a good event, bringing more content and players to server, keep it coming!
  5. Aion Shugo Emperor Vault

    shugo vault will be too hard for 70% of people, me excluded, i did it many times on retail. just you need good team for it and i wanna do shugo fast and not make tryhard grp with friends for pve bullshit.
  6. Aion Shugo Emperor Vault

    Old Shugo is better than this crap.
  7. Enraged Veille and Mastarius

    Glory Points? Are you insane?
  8. some people need to see a doctor...

    that was shaiza, he got permaban again haha dw
  9. [Event] Lucky Snowflake!

    @NancyFox could you extend the time until the snowflakes disappear until the end of January (31st January)? Or maybe for a week? I know alot of people with many snowflakes still and forcing them to open snowflakes for hours every day when they have real life too is not good. Otherwise me and some other players will lose snowflakes and picked them up for nothing..
  10. [Event] Lucky Snowflake!

    this event is trash now, making the snowflakes untradeable, as if that wasn't bad enough, you now make the event items disappear 2 weeks after the event and FORCE people to open the snowflakes in such a short amount of time, way to ruin an event, good job
  11. Snowflakes event from lvl 50

    Thanks for the change rats
  12. Snowflakes event from lvl 50

    You must have been the guy in school, who always got bullied and told the teacher that they should check the homework they gave last time, if they forgot it. Tfu na tebya.
  13. Snowflakes event from lvl 50

    So you wanna destroy another event? Will go to classic then.
  14. GP Reset, Done Right

    I don't want this. Speak for yourself, dodges will be even worse than now.

    Clear teaming, where ban?
  16. Report Swearing

    Snowflake event turned people into real snowflakes...
  17. Toxic player on the server

    Theres something called /block "playername".
  18. [Event] Lucky Snowflake!

    Your opinion does not matter. This event is here since the server started and I can tell you they didn't change anything with the rates. The luck is the same since 2 years ago. If you are too lazy to level up some alts its not the other players or the admins problem. The snowflakes disappearing is illogical since they can be sold and traded, people buy many of them to use them later maybe and deleting them would hurt more players than help a few crybabies like you. Stop crying and go grind.
  19. [Event] Lucky Snowflake!

    Great event and one of the reasons people still play here. Don't listen to crybabies like Naro. There will always be those who appreciate and those who hate on events.
  20. What do you mean balance? You need 300 more elyos to defend fort from Balaur? xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
  21. You sound like an Elyos who is afraid to lose his fortress or something if Asmos numbers keep rising. All in here sound like Elyos who are scared of Asmos to come back. Restricting players to create Elyos is actually helping the server right now, don't pretend you care for balance when you probably just want more Elyos to join so u keep dominating every siege in the future, just because of numbers. Asmos are not leading because there is no point in leading with 50 Asmos vs 200 Elyos who go to siege. And giving more rewards for siege is your solution, you sound exactly like someone who already owns a fort and just wants more rewards LMAO. You seem to be afraid of Asmos and know you can only win with your numbers, nothing else. If you want to play Elyos so bad you can create one on weekend or just go asmo, which would help to balance the server, but you don't want balance. All you want is fight Solo Asmos with ur full groups and maybe some Balaur because you are zero in pvp. Sincerely, random Asmodian.
  22. What? Do you mean the boss dropped 6x Tempering Box for each group member and now only 1x per group? That would be crazy, can somebody confirm?
  23. Bard ninjas Taha GS

    Skyrim belongs to the Nords.
  24. [Event] Cocktail Party!

    Hello @Christof can you answer my question from before please? Can we keep the ice picks and cubes and use them after the event has ended or do they disappear or will be not usable? Thanks in advance!
  25. [Event] Cocktail Party!

    Can we keep the ice picks and cubes and use them after the event has ended or do they disappear or will be not usable?