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  1. Harassment on SWB

    you come to a premade swb alliance, try to steal the augment and cry about harassment? you deserve it! womp womp
  2. Nationalism in the legion's heraldry

    Bringing politics into games, the desperation. Legion should be banned
  3. New Skins

  4. accidently extracted spear

    nice insults kiddo, maybe ask for +10 plume with your brand new EB spear, too, I'm sure you will get it! talking about braincells when he supposedly extracted his main spear ahahha
  5. accidently extracted spear

    Extract random Grendal Spear and get best spear in game instead? Yea right kid, you think you can fool administration like this? Such deceit should be punished with a ban
  6. Spies at the Siege

    What is this brainless question? Spying = trading? How are those the same thing? You can play on both sides since the start of the server and spying is normal, ask your friend Alkminin how he spied on Elyos for years, even started taking artefacts with his Elyos before sieges so Elyos couldn't use them. Keep crying though because it's funny to read ur tears on LFG.
  7. [Event] Bloody revolution

    Hello, can we get this event again soon please? It's been a long time since we had it.
  8. bullying

    my favorite forum thread keeps on giving
  9. bullying

    @Elle Moderator told you what to do and you are still crying, this thread keeps getting better and better pathetic hahahaha "I am not the in-game character Elle" Sure you are not.
  10. bullying

    he is right in this case though what is this crybaby thread, keep it coming, good laughs
  11. [Event] Bloody revolution

    This is a good event, bringing more content and players to server, keep it coming!
  12. Aion Shugo Emperor Vault

    shugo vault will be too hard for 70% of people, me excluded, i did it many times on retail. just you need good team for it and i wanna do shugo fast and not make tryhard grp with friends for pve bullshit.
  13. Aion Shugo Emperor Vault

    Old Shugo is better than this crap.
  14. Enraged Veille and Mastarius

    Glory Points? Are you insane?
  15. some people need to see a doctor...

    that was shaiza, he got permaban again haha dw