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  1. Sloot Stigma

    Hello, It's not campaign but a blue quest. You need to talk to Gelk stigma master. Can you take his quest ?
  2. Stigma Shard

    This topic doesn't concern clerics only : chanter need to switch too, sorc too (pvp control, pve dps), etc. I don't want to lvlup another char for farm lol, no time to do this. I play AIon for fun, not for be boring by shards ! I agree to buy shards at broker but not at this price, sorry. I can't play all day long because i work (like others ppl i think), no time to farm 8k shards all days. Strange Crystal for IS is enough farm for me lol. I need kinah for others things that theses shards.
  3. Stigma Shard

    Yeah you can pay 21KK for switch On official (EU) we used to have bots, so shards were very cheap. And when GF banned bots, they started to add shards in shop. No bots, no shop = no switch. Really funny to stay on heal for arena. (& farm underground with heal tree... it takes soooooo long).
  4. tiamaranta's siege rewards

    Thank you for responding. On official serveur, players who can't have mithril medail have platine medail instead. Or here, they have nothing... I think it's not fair.
  5. tiamaranta's siege rewards

    Hi, Can you tell us how many players this is limited to ? Is there a difference between alliance, groupe & solo ? How about rewards for heal clerics/chanters ?
  6. mount without sound

    I'm sure yes, because i can hear all mounts except mine. I try to use other mounts, i can hear them. If you need to check, you can MP me IG, then i can show you.
  7. mount without sound

    <Palomeno Heorn> This guy too is mute aha
  8. tiamaranta's siege rewards

    Hi, same problem today & yesterday. We're in ally, no deaths, but some of us didn't receive reward (no mail at all), we all receive AP from Incarnation. Is there a limit or something ?
  9. Server time

    Hi, Kata/Abyss siege at 21h is ok, but how about tiam hearts, inggi/gelk, arene, DD, Jormu, etc ? For exemple, now (i'm in France) Tiam Hearts begin at 17h instead of 18h. For ppl who work/study until 17h it's difficult to participate... I suggest : change time serveur, but move KKM/Kata to 21h instead of 22h.
  10. Recrutement LEGION FR < Oblivion >

    Hellon Oblivion est toujours en recherche de joueurs actifs (lvl 50+ requis). Au programme : RvR, PvP (sauvage, DD, etc), Pve. Pas de classes spéciales recherchées, même si nous avons beaucoup de glad et qu'on manque de tissus (sorciers/spirits) Le principal c'est d'être motivé ! Discord à disposition pour les plus sociables. Si intéressé, me MP ici ou en jeu (Tramadol) ou Dealeur, notre GM (Crowe n'est plus actif).
  11. Balance server

    Hi, I disagree (i'm elyos). Ok there's a little more Asmo but many Elyos don't do siege (don't want to or cannot, i don't know). Even in DD, when they see who are in front, it afk directly lol. This is not a server problem but a mentality problem... Event won't change anything. For exemple yesterday on Sillus, there was something good to do, but the 2 leagues didn’t want to merge.
  12. [Alliance] Colossal Chaos Doesn’t Count

    I'll do others mobs when I can. Thank you for responding
  13. [Alliance] Colossal Chaos Doesn’t Count

    Hi, Thanks for the links. In game, the quest "Colossal Chaos" asks me to kill Tagata... (I already completed <[Coh.] C'est bon pour le moral> on Tagata) Here's the screen as you can see. A member of my legion has english client & he has the quest described here So It must be a translation error.
  14. [Alliance] Colossal Chaos Doesn’t Count

    Hi, It was my second time trying to do this quest. The first time, I though it was because i had to do weekly quest too. But today i had only this quest and it didn't count. Me & my friends play on French client, but I asked about to one guy who was with us. He plays on English client et it didn't count to him too. There was no other alliance. Players you can see were just leaving our alliance ^^
  15. Hi, This quest doesn't count on Tagata. I made it with alliance, have no other quest on Tagata.