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  1. Drop Rate!

    Of course just a bit. Maybe start a little Testserver to find the best rate. Just Test a few days and Rise or Lower it before launch it on the Main Server.
  2. Drop Rate!

    Hello Euro Aion Team and Players! i would like to Start a Discussion about the Droprate on Euro Aion. In my opinion the Droprate is to low for a Private Server, because u didnt have that much players like a Retail Server and no other things that brings Craft Materials, Craft Recipes, Manastones, Qinah and more... No one start to grind, because it it 0% rewarding and at the Retail u have Bots who bring the Materials on the Market. For Example to Caft a Katalium Extend Weapon takes Ages, because no one grind for the Materials. And now the demand is High and the Availability is low and the Prices explodes but no one can generate Money because, no Materials on the Broker its a bad Circle. My suggestion is to rise the Droprate to increase the Trading, Crafting and Fun on Euro Aion! Because it a Great Private Server! And now! Let the Discussion begin! NyangNyang Quinah!