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  1. Casual legion recruiting

    Hey there, My name is Zhen and our legion <Only Wipes in Bathrooms> is recruiting new people. We are looking for friendly non-toxic people to run instances with. Right now, most of us are still trying to gear up so we're only running beginner instances, but once we're more geared we'll start doing harder ones. We started on this server about 2 months ago. Our legion consists of a small group of friends, 6 people at the moment. Our goal is not to become the biggest, strongest legion but more of a casual, laid back legion. A friendly place where everyone knows eachother. So we won't invite everyone we encounter, only people who are friendly & chill . We have some Hungarians and Dutch people in the legion but 90% of the time we'll be talking English. If this is what you're looking for, feel free to PM me ingame (Zhen) or add me on Discord Shao#1729.
  2. Casual legion recruiting

    Most of us are 20-30 so preferably 18+ people or just mature people, thanks! And we also have a Discord chat