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  1. Search legion

    Looking legion I play assa have bm gear full and speak German/english
  2. chat is down

    ok worked out after client restart
  3. chat is down

    my chat doesn't go general, act, group search chat isn't possible? what do I have to do
  4. Kinah farm?

    Question, how do I do good kinah from 65?
  5. ecoins scamming

    are you banned as a scammer?
  6. elyos or asmo

    can i switch my character from elyos to asmo?
  7. Ninja looter

    Sunrize is a ninja looter by sauro pls report.
  8. Abyss stigma

    Where can I sell abyss stigma?
  9. hello guys, i and my buddy search exp legion or with 10+ ppl in the legion Ingame name is " Bolvar"
  10. E-coins and stream?

    How do I get the e coins when I stream on twitch?
  11. Elyos char create

    When can I create an elyos account? Or just go asmo
  12. How do I level quickly?

    Or is there a guide to level up faster
  13. How do I level quickly?

    Hello guys, mob grind is faster than quest when leveling?
  14. Character create

    Can I then play elyos and asmo 1 account elyos and other account with asmo
  15. Character create

    Hello, I have a question Can I play and create elyos and asmo or can I only play one faction