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  1. Hello guys, was doing this on retail, decided to give it a try here as well. For next week Thu/Friday(10th-11th) organizing Runadium(Danuar Reliquary) learning runs . We will be 3 people filling up roles, so per group there can be 3 people who want to learn and start to be able to to do the instance. Whoever is interested throw me a /w (or just post bellow) maybe with a bit of info about your stats/class/ingame name, to see if that is even sufficient for a successful run (and NO it is not as high stat as u might think) Do not expect Success runs as the instance does require all to be working together. Ofc the aim would be towards succeeding it Ofc for this Discord would be mandatory otherwise it defeats the purpose If there is interest might do such runs occasionally (For any questions if you want to /w ingame my chars are Siera/Teraxis/Yellowy/Flowerstep/Mikagami/Mesmerize/Misubi)
  2. As person who was doing massive amount of runs of everything during those patches i can guarantee you you are wrong on all 4 points Makarna was super fun and challanging, heroics were super nice and giving awesome accesories, Hyperion is still pretty viable, Ofc makarna set was better but makarna was also harder to get usually as the instance is harder. Runadium was super nice place and much more accessible in the higher patch. As for sauro - that instance was always obsolite and was only good in 4.3 when it came out as hard challenge (although the massive wall of mobs inside was taking either hours to clean or u had to rush/kill yourself like idiot to do it faster) I personally would prefer 4.9 for example as it's prime patch where most players have grown. And no I am not imagining as I have brought and tought many many players exactly this patch. Either way i do not care as much per my current playing what it will be - i'm pretty fine with 4.6 as well
  3. yeah same here my bank requires me stupid stuff to use the card directly for some things
  4. Hello, it seems the paypal donations are not available anymore - was working just fine yesterday. Any idea if this is permanent or just a temporary issue? Not in a hurry or anything, but i would prolly want to be getting something from time to time