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  1. I laugh at the hypocrisy that they talk to you about skill and level when they don't let others equip themselves in missions, they only do it to get items and resell them by the "senior experienced players". That's the real reason I see for not involving other players in missions.
  2. Of course, it is obvious that if you don't have a good team you don't hit much, but if you have a regular team of course you can do missions. Now, if you don't feel like not giving a group. How are others equipped?
  3. I ripped off a whale

    Good afternoon, a fellow legion went to Oriel to buy a whale while she gathers for another mount. It turns out that the NPC indicates price: 5 Kinah. When buying it turns out that I deduct 50,000,000 kinah !!! If I had known that that was the real price, I would not have bought it. Now I spend too much and for something that really isn't worth paying that much
  4. An IO is much more difficult than an IS, especially the issue of corrdination, it is not feasible to start equipping you. We have applied to Suaro a lot of times without success. The first set that can be purchased is with fighting medals. Rest... The truth to finish I see that I only throw stones at the wall. If we go to high levels or be active, we have several small and medium ones that we make an effort, while rarely to the first 10 or 20 do something for the sieges, that's why the Elyos no longer make an effort, or if they enter to defend they only do it for points and flee. Leaving others in the lurch. You must stop having that mentality, how many did not start small? How many here defend that you should not go to instance if you are not full set, but they will not go to sieges? not going to a real PVP? They don't really know how to play against PvP and only collect items and points? That attitude is the one that kills private servers little by little and this, no matter how good it is, is reaching that point more and more.
  5. The truth is that I am surprised by the answers I hear, since I am not talking about some instancais alts but about ALMOST ALL the instances of this game. I do not consider being a dead weight, especially when my person as those of the legion that we put together we come from other servers that are strongly PVP and we have made our way fighting, collecting, doing missions either as a group or individual to buy the second set and face a disadvantage and still say that you are dead weight. What if I see is that several HIGH players what they do is make instances to resell the items, how is it possible that items that were at 30kk suddenly go to more than 300kk? How can they equip themselves, there is a strong sense of selfishness here and you have to be honest about it, I have seen sieges where the following happens: If you die, no one revives you. Templars that do not cover magicians or healers. Healers that only hit and do not heal. Spirit Masters who do not use Fear. That is, a long list of weaknesses for not knowing how to use the character. Without going too far, in my legion there is a sorcerer who is capable of facing two asmos and coming out well standing, while we have seen star offier 5 fall against a monster. Remember that the team is not everything, the SKILL TO PLAY is more important. I do not deny that there are players who ruin games, but for some we should not pay the others.
  6. Next I present the following situation: how is it possible that on this server it is not possible to do an instance, or kill a boss, go to IS, SAURO without the first question they ask to apply to a group is: what set do you have? or if you are full with X set? Is it supposed that if you ask for espa to equip yourself, no ??? Then the ridiculous situation occurs that it is not possible to go to the instance without entering an exclusive group, when WE SHOULD SUPPORT EACH OTHER. The most annoying thing is that it is assumed that the instances do not necessarily need to be level 65 and full set to kill a boss in a group, WITH TWELVE OR THIRTEEN PEOPLE (how brave? So they ignore you or just reject you. It just doesn't make sense for the Elyos faction to get this nonsense, that's why we lose in the sieges and take them, because THERE IS NO UNITY. I accept that if you are a very low level, ask for an alliance, do not be ready, but if you are a 65, that you have already gone to PVP, Kramar, sieges and shots, get into this ridiculous situation? We appreciate in advance that attention is called to this issue and that you improve your attitude because that way you cannot move forward. But if the fortresses do not capture them, there is no where to get points or items and the only thing left is to go to instance, the same ones who do not take shots or work in a group, then do not let the others equip themselves by other means
  7. Good morning. A member of the legion has problems with the keyboard within the game, that is, she cannot type. The keyboard is fine and in other games it doesn't have that problem. Use Windows 10. We already checked in other games and it has no problems. Could it be the Anti Cheater? is there another way to validate it? She uses the game downloaded from the launcer and from the beginning she had this problem with the game. The keyboard was revised and it is fine, in windows everything is fine
  8. Besmundi Temple

    she sticks to the door and nothing at all. The language IF affects several of the missions, we have to put ourselves in English to be able to execute them but in this case there has been no luck
  9. Besmundi Temple

  10. Besmundi Temple

    No men. Nothing work
  11. Besmundi Temple

    Good Morning. There are several quests that I must do in Besmudi Temple but when trying to do them, it is not possible. Try the language problem but it is not the problem. I can't open doors. I don't know if it's because I entered the easy level or if I have to do something else. Regards One of the missions is called A Better Obelisk Buenos días. Hay varias quest que debo hacer en Besmudi Temple pero al intentar hacerlas, no es posible. Probe el problema del idioma pero no es el inconveniente. No puedo abrir puertas. No se si es porque entre en nivel fácil o debo hacer otra cosa más. Saludos Una de las misiones se llama Un Mejor Obelisco
  12. Problem with NPC and campaign quest.

    Good afternoon. There are no invasions on the map and it remains the same. I'll wait a couple of hours to see
  13. Good afternoon, after downloading the game and updating it. Ask to do this function over and over again. After that it stays when starting the update and ends up giving an error after a while that does not advance saying this text: "Error when starting tha game! 1:% 1 is not a valid Win32 application" Any idea?
  14. Land badly and free fall Elthen

    ok i found the solution. Thanks to an SM named Synthetic. I suggest using "Fast Return". It was the only way. The invocation did not work. Thanks for your collaboration, everyone
  15. Land badly and free fall Elthen

    It didn't work friend. Place / escape but nothing. I'll try the SM