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  1. Harassment on SWB

    hello, i think it is VERY VERY bad to lie u described the situation far from the truth and i guess that is why you don't post any screenshot here so i will do it. 23.02 you joined to our SWB alliance and made run for all of 24 players much more harder, because of your multiple mistakes/not listening to leaders/not following them etc. we thought you are some kind of an internet troll. we always write few times "PREMADE ROLL for mythic item + AUGUMENT" on alert chat so it is perfectly visible for all members, and you still rolled the augument. i noticed it very fast and wrote about it on alliance chat so rest of our premade (even when they already got augument in this round) outroll you and avoid augument ninja. i informed you on whisper that in our alliance for such behaviour (to avoid ninjas like this, since we got a lot of auguments stolen) you just land on block list of our main leader. you still had a chance to describe the situation and say "i am sorry, it was just a missclick" and you just decided to insult me first out of nowhere and then cry on lfg later. so i guess thank you for trolling our swb run, trying to steal augument, then insults and fake report. i can send all full window screenshot with time etc. on it to support, if needed. i send hour of server from the time when player "`Cuco" did all this circus on LFG, in fact insulting us first on whisper and then LFG, so you can check if i did anything bad. thank you! PS. i don't even use word "moron" and i am not responsible for behaviour of "godmode", it is not dio.