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  1. читы

    So slideshots and jumpshots are illegal? damn i better stop
  2. читы You can check your claims here i guess, he streams every time he plays.Imo its just that gunner class is broken when max gear...
  3. читы

    What kind of cheat, cause Friedrice is always streaming so it would b stupid of him to cheat blatantly
  4. Incentivize players

    I do play also from day 1 and i think we came to the point where sieges are the most boring part of the game, whereas they should b the peak fun of the day. It's obviously playerbase fault it's like that but admins should try to change up things a bit. Don't u think so? I mean it sad that its 100 times more fun to pvp before siege at kisk areas and at EB camp then at siege.
  5. Incentivize players

    Ye, maybe also adding a custom shop with some skins and pets for cera medals to motivate to farm them more...
  6. Incentivize players

    Some fun areas for pvp/pve are empty outside events, for instance Tia Eye. Why not encourage players on more permanent basis and leave the manastone box drop in chests. Ofc on a normal, slower chest spawn rate, event with just a small chance of dropping the box. While on topic of incentivizing players, maybe consider removing Gelk/Inggi sieges from every day rotation and put them on 2 day with a GP reward, while removing also 1 Kata/Dana and 1 KKM daily siege. If anyone else has some ideas to motivate ppl to re-awake areas, please do share...
  7. Out of range / Target too far away bug

    It's really sad that this server is lacking good technical support that can add stuff and remove annoying bug and errors just like that one. Apart from first year on this server, all we hear now is "not compatible", "different version" and "try to find a workaround"...
  8. If he changed the loot just before boss death it is punishable,if the loot was set like that from beginning then it's not...
  9. suspicious purchase

    That looks like the Suspicious Errand quest to open Kromede's Trial.In that quest your next npc to talk to is Kehleb,who is in Pandaemonium,in front of shadow court.
  10. Dodging in pvp instances

    Did they try removing the ticket from inventory after arena pops?
  11. Snowflakes event from lvl 50

    All my alt masters were made at 30...Not the point tho,its only sarcasm since admins work really hard on demotivating people...
  12. Snowflakes event from lvl 50

    Good idea! They should also make crafting for only level 65 and if u grind mobs for more than one hour u get insta dc and u cannot log in for a day whilst your keyboard gets melted
  13. Snowflakes event from lvl 50

    Yes please,think of more ways to destroy this server.Punish people that spend time in game grinding to make kinah,to please lazy ones that dont wanna be left behind...Dear baby Jesus...
  14. Shop items

    Please add this skin: [item: 101701396]
  15. Shop items [item: 101701164] [item: 101701396] [item: 101701140]