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    Ever wonder why we can't keep new people on this game? Here's a great example. Not banning for hate mail and whispers is so lazy and stupid on admin. Banning one account will just cause the bully to jump to an alt or create an alt, over and over. Server needs new players to stay alive and active, the server doesn't require crazy ppl that drive new players away. And did you know that the Admin/Helpers permanently IP BAN players on the EuroAion discord for insulting them (Admin/Helpers)? This is a double standard, don't you think?
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    Thank you for your answer... Im surprised... Really ? ok then, it's time to change the game.
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    The player has received the punishment, thanks for your report.
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    Hey @shaugaro thanks for the screenshots, spawn emotes in chat multiple times ain't allowed, about the whispers we don't do anything you can just block him.
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    For me its not okay. The behaving itself should not be tolerated. These psychologically retarded people should be teached to take the responsibility for your behaving.
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    Hey @Cleopi, I'm very sorry to see that this happened to you but unfortunately, we have rules on the server about punishments and on that list, we can't set anything by whisper offenses you can use the block option ingame and clear the whisper that's my best advice.
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    Sorry for this situation, I've sent the image with all information for the admins they will decide what has to be done.