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  1. Donations for the project

    It's true. However, it's hard for this Admin to find more payment options. Options are frequently added then get blocked or randomly stop working or there are payment systems who just don't want to work with this "project". Trust me- if they could take your money easily- they would. If you haven't yet, join the EuroAion Discord and create a help ticket. Ask for Almighty. You can buy ecoins with PayPal through her, but you will be required to buy a decent sized amount of coins to use that option. IF she still does this. Good luck.
  2. Refreshing Glory Ranking

    GP reset is great. But some good suggestions have been made about arena/siege/decay. Yes, ppl have been asking for a GP reset for almost a year, but you know what else ppl keep asking for? Give better rewards for siege to make ppl go!! FFS, why wasn't that an event? "For 2 weeks, elyos get extra rewards for siege" And instead of completely cutting off arena, why not just make the GP award lower and INCREASE the rewards for siege? Then increase the amount of GP you lose per day a little. I know, I know. That requires "coding" and "work" and I'm not sure any of the admin team know enough tech to even implement such changes beyond "have a new crazy expensive skin/mount for shop!"
  3. Refreshing Glory Ranking

    Someone on discord suggested cera for arena. I think that's a great idea. What use is your new 2* if you can't afford any gear?
  4. reporting gunner Bombany

    "Agree on loot before you start" You know ppl change the loot settings before boss drops, right? How do players protect from that? Leave during the boss fight and waste my entry? Sorry, but it just sounds like admin blaming innocent players, rather than the scammers. And just curious, why are event items white? Just like the snowflake scams- admin changed the snowflake icon to prevent scammers. How about making event items....not white?
  5. Server & Game are Dying

    Well, I was with you until this dumb post. I guess you are new around this server. It doesn't scare off ppl, it brings new life into a server that never updates. I don't PvP. I don't do PvP gear. I just don't want to watch this server die a very slow and painful death into obscurity. So your "stop QQ" is way off the mark and pretty naïve, new player. Enjoy your discussion.
  6. Server & Game are Dying

    Good luck.
  7. Server & Game are Dying

    I think the GP reset is something everyone has been wanting for a long time. I wish Admin would take this into consideration. It was done before and a lot of old players came back, just because of a renewed chance and interest. If this was a once per year event, it would be as popular as snowflakes. To quote Almighty (forum post "SERVER ONLINE!"): "We have made a number of decisions that should "refresh" the game on the server and allow it to continue its journey with renewed vigor. All this is not done baseless. We have been regularly receiving proposals to reset the rating of glory. The reason for this is a lot of "dead souls" in it; a huge number of GP that is very difficult to reach for a beginner; the reluctance of new players to start their journey with such conditions."
  8. Игровой магазин

    It looks like items only get added IF they can find someone in their own current team of Admin/Helpers wiling/smart to code that in for free (eCoins) and not real money. Even then, if it requires coding (like later patch skins and super mounts): then you'll pay a lot of money for that. All the new skins/mounts adds are really expensive compared to the original shop items.
  9. Общий чат 3.0

    They banned ppl for talking about war crap before, even in whispers.
  10. Want to give props to Upset for giving an answer (roll + all members pass then invite to sell). I think if the helper said "I don't know how this works, let me ask around and get back to you on it" there wouldn't be a problem, right? But jumping to the conclusion and calling the player a liar is what got things heated in the very first place. I don't think any of us expect Helpers/Admin to know everything in game, but nobody likes getting called a liar/cheater/idiot as the first response.
  11. "And then you start to trashtalk with helper?" - It looks like the helper started the trash talk by replying " Are you trying to fool us? Its a very bad idea" The admin of this server are often quick to blame the community and call their players stupid and liars. Tickets, this forum, and the discord channels are all full of helpers/admin mouthing off at players. Then players get blocked/silenced when they give back the same attitude in return.
  12. vpn

    Didn't people already do this and ExitLag refused? Why do you keep asking players to do stuff Admin already knows do not work?
  13. Sever Balance

    Hey, remember when Elyos had forts for maybe a month a year ago and Admin freaked out and shut down Elyos registration for a month? Remember how that happened THREE times? And today we have...
  14. Is racism allowed in this server?

    Why are whispers special treatment vs all other chat? This racist hopped from one account to another account to whisper racist garbage. A ban won't stop that. Just start giving a small 24-chat ban or something to deter this crap.
  15. GP Reset, Done Right

    Patch update? Like, one new person asks about that every 3 months or so. The GP question comes up almost every other day. Everybody wants a GP reset. It worked so well last time that the GP event mirrored the popularity of snowballs. But again, it really doesn't matter because Admin is dead these days. His server is currently #1, so why should he care about any of our opinions? So, even though a GP reset is the bet thing this server could see- we are all wasting our time discussing it further. K thx Bai.