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Account password insecurity

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yourmomma    0

I have played on this server for a few weeks now and I recently got a security notification from a dutch website I am active on that coincidentally has the same username/password combo I have used for this Aion server. The security breach occurred in Paris, France (See the added image of the alert) and this server/admins also happen to be located in France. I do not know if their server is not properly secured or they mine passwords themselves but make sure that the passwords you use on this server are not linked to important accounts and if that is the case, change your passwords immediately!

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TheAlmighty    604


The fact that our server is hostet in France doesn't mean that your account on another website was accessed by our server. And ecpecially that now VPN is used so widely. We would suggest to you to change all your passwords. Our precaution is made on the purpose to prevend the hacking of several accounts at once of the same person. 

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Translates to:

Dear ******,
There is on Monday, December 30, 19: 03 near Paris. France, with ******
********** logged into your Marketplace account (*****
haven't logged on to Your Market Place account from this device before. We
send you this e-mail to make sure it was you.
If you just logged in, you don't have to do anything else.
It wasn't me.
If you haven't logged in, change your password using the link below.
Change my password
Better protect Account?
With the SMS security check, your Marketplace account will be even better.
protected. Find out more? Here we explain it extensively
Yours sincerely,
The Marketplace team

REMOVE THE PIC FROM YOUR POST (Admins should delete it as it's viewed by others, not wise to post it in public)

It's a "phising" email that tries to compel you to click a link or a button, which then either redirects you to a virus-infected website that will auto-download malware or downloads a virus/malicious file once you click the link or button.

If you are concerned about your password or account infos, the most important thing is to check the links by right-clicking and then click "copy link address" and then paste them here PhisingCheck or Link Checker.

SMS? they want to steal your identity. Most mobile owners have their name and address assigned to their phone numbers, that's how they'll know you. Worst case? They will steal all your contacts and also put them at risk.

Marketplace Team? Never heard of it, not even in EuroAion. And I know Mods/Admins of EuroAion will never ask you for passwords to your account.

Safety first, if anyone is impersonating as EuroAdmin GM or any of the Staff whom you do not recognise, but asks for your account credentials, screenshot and report them either directly to the Mod/Admins here, or at the report section.

Example similar login reports you get is from a Google account. If you logged in on another device, it'll tell you the IP address and location of your last login so you can recognise it. This Marketplace doesn't do that (another flaw pointed).

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