Downloaded the Game, can't start it though

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Kantorzicka    0

I let the client check my game file multiple times. But everytime i click on play, the game checks those 2.75GB of data, then abruptly stops and loses connection. i tried to deactivate my firewall as well as install all 3 softwares that are recommended if you have a problem with starting the game. 

it took 2 full days and nights to download this game, i want to start with my friends tomorrow evening. i don't want to download this once more. :<

WhatsApp Video 2021-11-20 at 13.11.43.mp4

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Christof    33
Hey, Add the game to the white list of all your antimalware programs including Windows defender and in firewall and Reboot the PC and start the launcher. Right-click on the game folder Properties -> Remove the checkmark from the attribute "read-only" -> OK. Start the launcher.

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