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visa digital

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shayeb    0

hello :D

i am from Saudi Arabic B| .. i am plan to buy 500 Ecoin :P and i am use Visa Digital 9_9

i try many time and i got " your payment unsuccessful " ¬¬

i am sure i did all right way " Interkassa " + Visa -_-

idk if there something miss or not :ph34r:

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Christof    33

Hey @shayeb, which method did you choose enot or digiseller, but if none of these are working for you could you please try one last time the AdvCash is a pretty nice way to buy ecoins. whether you can't donate we've one last option is the Paypal but for that, u should take with Kedu on Euroaion discord he has a personal discord for this problems.

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