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Runadium/Danuar Reliquary Normal Learning runs

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t0re    0
Posted (edited)

Hello guys, was doing this on retail, decided to give it a try here as well.

For next week Thu/Friday(10th-11th) organizing Runadium(Danuar Reliquary) learning runs . We will be 3 people filling up roles, so per group there can be 3 people who want to learn and start to be able to to do the instance.

Whoever is interested throw me a /w (or just post bellow) maybe with a bit of info about your stats/class/ingame name, to see if that is even sufficient for a successful run (and NO it is not as high stat as u might think) 

Do not expect Success runs as the instance does require all to be working together. Ofc the aim would be towards succeeding it

Ofc for this Discord would be mandatory otherwise it defeats the purpose

If there is interest might do such runs occasionally


(For any questions if you want to /w ingame my chars are Siera/Teraxis/Yellowy/Flowerstep/Mikagami/Mesmerize/Misubi)

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