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Which class should i play(Sarcasm)?

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Trololol123    0

If you are not sure which class you should play, here is a quick guide for euroaion: 

Assasin: step 1: buy double paralyze godstones. 
              step 2 : go hide 
              step 3: Buy razor keyboard / mouse and use Synapse.              
              step 4: use everything to kill your enemiy. If it dosen´t work, go hide again and wait for cooldowns.
When you kill your enemy, don´t forget to call him bad. 

Cleric: Buy 100000 sets for every Situaion, otherwise no one will pvp with you and Don´t go DPS. 

Chanter: Same as Cleric. Never go dps for group pvp. No one will take you,  because everyone is tryharding and dodging Kamar / EoB to kill noobs. 

Ranger: Not in this patch. Sorry. Even slideshots and kiting will  not save you.

Templar: cLiCk tO MoVe MaCrO/SyNapSe, AHK spamm skills. 
Gladiator: Same thing as Templar, but with more AoE and random knockdowns. Short: RNGESUS.

Sorc: if shock remove used, Aetherbind. If not, sleep your enemy for 2 minutes, until he has no skills to kill you. 
If it dosen´t work use wintry and 10k shield. And don´t forget to push 3 buttons to cover Silence/Root your enemy. 

Spiritmaster: The only thing they FEAR is you. 

Gunner: Trrrr, trrr reload trrrr, trrr, your enemy is dead. 
Bard: Do with your enemy everthing you  wan´t. Sleep him, stun him, paralyze him, make him to your B***h. 

And last but not least my favourite class Aethertech: When you wan´t to win every 1 v 1 and tryhard people, play this class. No skill required. Tank with dmg and cc´s  from Sorc. 

That´s it.

Feel free to add more ideas.   

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