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tical_    0

When im starting the game....file corrupted - data/europe/items/items.pak

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Christof    15

Hey @tical_,

If you get this at startup, it is a sign of corrupt, missing or incompatible files in your client. These can either be the items.pak placed in the wrong location. It can be solved differently depending on the cause and whether or not you are aware of what is causing it.
First of all add the game to the whitelist of all your antimalware programs and firewall.

1. If you made recent changes to the client, you might have an idea why it is happening. If you used the items.pak, restore the original and delete everything in your data/europe/items/items.pak folder.
2. If it involves any other corrupt/missing files, repair in the game launcher and or download it again if isn't working all of this

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