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Chanter MAcc?

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Itry    0

Hi Guys,

i have never tryharded with my chanter in PvP on Retail time considering perfect socketing.

Alot of ppl tell me i have to socket only Maac after i have reached Critcap.

I already have bastion staff +15 and i am starting to get my officer rank and gear right now (so just use all officer gear (also wep fuse) and bm accs).

What are your recommondations on unbuffed stats (I use this to calculate gear ).?

Composite stones im willing to socket without 100% are  "atk +5/mag acc +6 or +7 ", "Mag acc +12/ Crit +7" also every normal non composite stone

Please dont use other stones in you calculation (or stones that are as cheap as these on asmo) :)

Im happy to hear you explanations and calculation links, thank you in advance :) 


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