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Lags and Freezes. The Form of Address to the Administration.

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TheAlmighty    578

This form of address is obligatory for those having 

connection problems, frequent disconnections and lags.

Most people tend to confuse lags and freezes. Meanwhile, they are profoundly different. Lags are net problems, but freezes are local and are caused by the computer itself.
In MMO, hey can be easily distinguished. During lags, the game world doesn't stand still, it continues moving and living, but all the actions in it are delayed, you get the effect of throwing-away, which means the packet losses or their delay and as he resut - the errors of geogata.

Freezes occur because of the overload of the computer resources - processor, core memory or videocard. In this case, the game world "freezes, stops, in bundle with the cursor, any operations with the menu elements, with the desktop and etc. become impossible. Also some system freezes are possible, their cause you should search in the PC itself. Ususally, the cause of freezes is insufficient hardware, a lot of running programs, and also a lot of characters in one place, so that the system load increases.

SO, in this topic we will learn more about lagging and how to report it to the Administration of EuroAion.

We will also add, that not all of the lags arecaused by our server hardware. But with the information you get after conducting the following actions, you will be able to make a right report to your provider.

Here we go.


First of all, it is necessary to make the full check for viruses,

usually the problem is caused by them. 


1. Download PingPlotter

2. Check startup.


In Windows 10  and Windows 8 this can be made in the task manager in Startup menu. 
For Windows 7  and lower versions: 
Using the program MSConfig. 
This program already exists on your computer, so you don't need to downoad anything. Just run it and use:
Open the Start menu and write "msconfig" in the search bar. 
The program will be found right away and you just need to double click on it to start.


If for some reason you don't have the search bar in the satart menu, you can press Win+R and the needed window will open. Write "msconfig" in there and press OK.

As a result, the program MSconfig should start. It looks the following way: 


Go to the Startup menu there. Remove marks from all the programs which don't have "Windows"/"Microsoft" markers. But if your don't understand what any of these programs deals with, do stop it or st least check it on the Internet. 

After you press OK, you will be proposed to restart your computer (it can be skipped). 

This program is quite useful, but not functional enough, as it doesn't let us to remove every (any) program from the startup. 

3. Turn off Firewall.
4. Turn off the programs, using VPN (WoWping,OpenVPN  and other).
5. Turn off Antivirus (better delete it for a while).
6. Restart your computer. 

Route tracing with PingPlotter.


Install the program you have downloaded earlier. 
Open pingplotter. In the opened window do the following: 

1. In the "Address to Trace" bar write the IP of our server:



2. In Trace interval choose 1s - inquire every 1s. 





3. Press START. Test the connection during 20-30 mins, till the problem is found. Тестируем соединение в течении 20-30 минут пока наблюдается проблема. ENTER THE GAME, LOG IN, WAIT FOR AN ERROR AND REPEAT SEVERAL TIMES.
4. In 20-30 min press "Stop".
5. Make a screenshot of the test results. It must be provided to the administration. 

PS: The program is free for 30 days.

The topic must contain:

1. Full description of the problem;

2.Two files you've got from Pingplotter.


Thank you for attention.

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Arkanit    0
On 10/21/2019 at 3:25 PM, TheAlmighty said:

Is it the correct server address? Didn't it change?

Edited by Arkanit

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TheAlmighty    578
8 hours ago, Arkanit said:

Is it the correct server address? Didn't it change?


It didn't change, it is correct.

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