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Hiken-95    1

Hi,  I downloaded the client and istalled it but when i click on "play" button it doesn't run and shows a message that tells me that i have to install "DirectX".
I already tried to install even if I already had it by default.
I tried to manually run the game by opening the Euroaion's directory and clicking on "start game" instead of "activation launcher".
I also tried to copy files by another person that has successfully istalled the game. But it doesn't work anyway.

I leave a screenshot about the problem hoping we can solve this.

Thank you for your time and attention.

Aion 1001.jpg

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TheAlmighty    604


A sufficient version of the program (June, 2008) can be downloaded from the official website . Open the file and choose any folder where the file will be unpacked. Then go to the folder and open the installing file .exe, it will install the program if necessary. ATTENTION! After you launch the downloaded file, it will ask you to provide the path for the unpacking of the files. One more time: it is only unpacking! After the unpacking you must open the provided folder and launch the installation with the file DXSETUP.

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