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  1. Take up arms against Moltenus!

    why nobody does this boss?
  2. Server unavailable (10/03)

    it was NC Soft in disguise
  3. Gladiators thoughts

    hi, i'm a new gladio in the server, i have been playing for a few months by now and just reached level 65 but now i'm really lost. i figured out how should i acquire pvp and pve sets but there are a lot of questions unanswered. Let me make some examples, aside from the stigma builds both in pve and pvp of which i find nothing that seems optimal in either case there remains the problems of how should i socket manastone slots or how i should fight against kiting classes and so on. If you are a gladio too would you mind to share your thoughts with me and every other gladio reading this post? Thank you in advance
  4. Can't enter

    Hi, I downloaded the client and istalled it but when i click on "play" button it doesn't run and shows a message that tells me that i have to install "DirectX". I already tried to install even if I already had it by default. I tried to manually run the game by opening the Euroaion's directory and clicking on "start game" instead of "activation launcher". I also tried to copy files by another person that has successfully istalled the game. But it doesn't work anyway. I leave a screenshot about the problem hoping we can solve this. Thank you for your time and attention.