[Guide] Gear switch macro for 4.6

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Why do I need this?

Switching quickly between multiple sets of gear helps to be prepared for either a PVP, PVE situation, or for a specific opponent. There are multiple variations of these macro's documented online, but many of them do not work with our Aion version.


The challenge: Right side and offhand items

Simply asking a macro to equip an item will not place it into the offhand or right side earring/ring slot if that slot is already filled with an item. Later patches of Aion provide macro functions such as /equipslot and /UseRight , but these are unavailable in version 4.6.


Solution: Create an empty slot first

Let's make use of the following features.

  1. When you /Use or /Quickbar an already equipped item it becomes unequipped, emptying the offhand of right-side slot.
  2. When you have an item equipped in the left side or mainhand slot and the right side slot is empty, equipping an item with  /Use or /Quickbar equips it to the right side.

Our macro will first use the currently equipped right side item to unequip it, before selecting a new item to fill that slot. It uses the /Quickbar command. It is also possible to reference an item by name using a different command.

Caveat: This does not work when your right side and left side items are identical. If you have a working solution to this, please share it in a comment.



  1. Switch to an unused quickbar set. In my case that is quickbar set 2.
  2. Create one row of PVP items, and one row of PVE items. Match the item slots in the same column.
  3. Create a macro, and drag/drop the quickbar slots from left to right into the macro. Before dragging an offhand or right-side item into the macro, first drag the item that would be currently equipped in that slot into the macro.
  4. Use the macro from an action bar.

In this example, the Quickbar commands starting with 2 unequip the offhand sword and right side earring, before equipping the new item.


This results in the macro

/Quickbar 3 2 1
/Quickbar 2 2 2
/Quickbar 3 2 2
/Quickbar 3 2 3
/Quickbar 3 2 4
/Quickbar 3 2 5
/Quickbar 3 2 6
/Quickbar 3 2 7
/Quickbar 3 2 8
/Quickbar 2 2 9
/Quickbar 3 2 9


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