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Ninja looter

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Wulfang    0

Hello all I'm a friend of Sunrize and I know all the story because Tellox94 is Imperious and Xaryu in-game. And he is a well-known ninja. He's angry that some people now won't take him in their team so he tries to ruin their reputation with absolutely no proof.

So, for people who wants to know the truth, here are some screenshots of one of his blackmail sessions:


and below, see that Xaryu looted the greatsword in the right panel, and immediately sells it in the 3/ (left panel).


We know this post is useless. But I've farmed BT HM with Sunrize and some other friends, and never had a problem. Tellox94 / Xaryu / Imperious is just a big clown.

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Konoyaro    57

Put him on the block list, and write a comment. One day when he's done with being a ninja and tries to build up his reputation, you will see his new name, as it changes on your blocklist as well.

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