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TheAlmighty    276

Hello, dear players!


We receive a large number of complaints that we do not take any action against violators of the rules. Namely, for selling accounts and using cheating software.

To prevent such evidence-free accusations, we are creating this topic, where we will specify information about bans for violating server rules.

We respond very harshly to such violations and a lot of accounts have been banned just recently.

  • For using cheating software, full ban of all game accounts is set immediately.
  • For the first try to buy/sell/trade an account, you will be temporarily blocked for 7-10 days. If you try to buy/sell an account or character repeatedly, all game accounts will be blocked.

All punishments are issued only if there is a direct evidence! If you have such, please send them to us and we will respond to your complaint!

In this topic, we will only publish the bans  for selling accounts and using cheating software.

We strongly recommend that you respect yourself and other players, play honestly and do not violate the server rules!

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TheAlmighty    276

Using radar by the character Negrocea. Direct proofs were provided to the user in personal conversation.

All the known accounts of the player were blocked:

  • Antokusama
  • Kiwhan
  • Ant3o
  • Booouny
  • Hametsu1
  • Markus123
  • Markus
  • Rayours

It is difficult to imagine how much time was spent on the development of all the blocked characters (there are a lot of them and most is of high levels). We strongly recommend to play fairly!

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