Some Question about Gathering, Professions and leveling.

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Dantz    0

Hello, I'am a new player to Euro Aion, and I have a few questions.

1° Is gathering and professions craft important in this game? Should I develop my extraction skills during my level up?

2° Will I get lv 65 Solo, or i'll always find people to go low level dungeons, like Nocshanta, fire temple, Drauph cave, etc. Like the old good times of Aion. (I did not expect to receive OP weapons at the start, so I assume people just level up fast, instead of enjoying the good aion leveling up)

3° When is the peak time in that server?

4° I want to play as an elyos, because of Nostalgia ( I played as Elyos my whole life). When will the character creation limitation end? Because of this, even if I cleate an elyos character during 19:00 - 20:00, I guess i'll be very alone during my level up.

I would thank you if you guys give me good answers 

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Valyren    0

Hello my friend!

1 idk about crafting bro

2 from my old nicer dicer styler day I can tell you that you can most likely find people on LFG (lookin' for group)

3 peak time is at evening and weekends ofc (when everyone is back from work basically)

4 my friend this char creation thing is very unfortunate, no one know when it'll end. We'll just have to wait until EUROAION server administrator pushes buttons :)


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