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  1. Dantax looks for nice crew

    Heya people, We are 3 immature lads in need for a legion whisp Valyren in-game.
  2. Dantax looks for nice crew

    Heya people, We are 3 immature lads in need for a legion whisp Valyren in-game.
  3. Fraction elyos or asmo

    Play ELYOS mate elyos is life, elyos is love brohohoo. Best people on Ely side, asmo is weird people club. Stay cool - stay ely FAITH AND ARRMSS BRUDDA!
  4. Hello my friend! 1 idk about crafting bro 2 from my old nicer dicer styler day I can tell you that you can most likely find people on LFG (lookin' for group) 3 peak time is at evening and weekends ofc (when everyone is back from work basically) 4 my friend this char creation thing is very unfortunate, no one know when it'll end. We'll just have to wait until EUROAION server administrator pushes buttons
  5. YOYO it's your boy Dantax AKA Valyren or whatsoever. The problem was obvious. I had to use the launcher which wasn't possible in the first place because I didn't give it the Aion game file path, but the path where my family pics are. stupidity won't protect you from punishment.
  6. That did not work... I'm going to try something else. But thanks for your advice Debris!
  7. Hello EuroAion support! I have downloaded the entire game from my browser and tried to launch it. It didn't work no matter what I try or what I do... (the file at hand is data/items/items.pak) The things I have already tryed: - disabling and deleting my antivirus software - disabling firewall - creating an exception for the whole game file on Windows Antivirus - downloading the game again and again.... - deleting that corrupted file - open the launcher as an administrator - looking for possible solutions on the forums (people didn't really respond...) - installing all required software (, correct directX version, c++ for Windows) - searched for the file on the internet without succes (I launch the game at Aion - bin64 - ActiveLauncher) I am suddenly at the end of my capability. Nothing listed above helped. I don't know what to do anymore. I really hope that someone could help me. Thank you very much for your attention. Stay safe at these times, Greetings, Valyren!