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Wont finish updating.

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Pepegaru    3

Ok so, since the start of this god forsaken server i have had troubles with updating the client, it either took a lifetime to download or it just refused to finish updating. After quitting for some time, i wanted to download the client and now im experiencing the same thing, it refuses to finish the update and just get stuck at 99%. Sadly i have lost my patience after 5 hours of download, several hours of installing and 3 hours of waiting for the update to actually go from 99% to 100%. 

So naturally im wondering, what can be the issue? And yes i have all the things you recommend to download however it didnt change anything. 

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Antonio    13


First of all it is necessary to download and install all the software listed lower, even if you are sure that it is already installed on your PC.
1 - DirectX. A sufficient version of the program (June, 2008) can be downloaded from the official website . Open the file and choose any folder where the file will be unpacked. Then go to the folder and open the installing file .exe, it will install the program if necessary. ATTENTION! After you launch the downloaded file, it will ask you to provide the path for the unpacking of the files. One more time: it is only unpacking! After the unpacking you must open the provided folder and launch the installation with the file DXSETUP.
2 - Microsoft Visual C++ Download and install the necessary components from here.
3 - Download and install NET Framework. Download it exactly from this link as it is necessary for the correct working of the launchar of the game!

Afterwards, if that didn't worked. Please, try to start downloading the game without any antivirus on, firewall allowed for euroaion launcher(Euroaion.exe), no VPN or any other software that could block the download.

Please, let us know if you still have issues after the followed steps i gave to you.

Thank's ! 

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Indiee    4

Hey besides the generic support above me what worked for the updating issiue is rightclicking on the Euroaion.exe file and doing Troubleshoot Compatibility and then trying it with those settings.

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