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  1. Is Buying / Selling accounts Legit?

    Yes but if they did that the top 100 of each faction would be banned in like 95% of the cases
  2. [Event] Balaur's Treasures

    Oh and to address the cast classes / dual wielding inequalities, you could just make the boxes like in tia eye where player has to click them and open them for 10 secs for example
  3. [Event] Balaur's Treasures

    Suggestion for the event, not this one specifically but in general for future when theres another box event. Is it possible to completely randomize chest spawn locations? This would prevent people leaving afk lvl 60s alts on all the spots and would actually require players to walk trought the map, therefore engage in more pvp?
  4. Adding new Pvp instances to the game

    Hi maybe consider making an ACTUAL pvp events? Or at least offer support to the players that do your work for you and organize KOR event. Like thats the least you guys can really do lol.
  5. Closing Elyos characters creation

    Everyday the register for ely-side will be opened for 1 hour. It is made for the players coming here for some certain elyos legions. Open registration: 19:00 - 20:00 server time hi try reading
  6. Closing Elyos characters creation

    Im just quoting this so you guys will have harder time ignoring it
  7. Competition "Evening on the beach"!

    Be careful they might nerf that without saying
  8. Teaming in Glory Arena

    Can @Admin or @TheAlmighty take a look on this?
  9. Teaming in Glory Arena

    I mean thats obvious teaming lol
  10. Wont finish updating.

    Hey besides the generic support above me what worked for the updating issiue is rightclicking on the Euroaion.exe file and doing Troubleshoot Compatibility and then trying it with those settings.
  11. I just checked all of that and everything is okay, I restarted the launcher and it started downloading those 0.43 again
  12. Hey so I downloaded the whole game, then it checked and said there were another 0.43 gb missing, downloaded it once, it went past the 0.43 so I closed the launcher tried to launch game again, then I needed to download the 0.43 again and it goes over that again, any idea whats wrong?