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[Competition] 8 Reasons for Love

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TheAlmighty    171


- Abel, tell me, what do you love me for? - Asks the cleric girl with shaking voice, removing dust from her hauberk.

- I'd rather say, «in spite of what» - Answers Abel and askilfully dodges from a mana potion. - For everything, I love you for everything.

- Name at least eight reasons!

- Why only eight? I can name more, but then you will have to stay at me overnight... - The gladiator laughs and catches the next potion. - The first reason is you...


Dear friends! In order to participate in this competition you must state different reasons of any kind for loving girls, ladies and women. Everyone may participate, no matter of gender;)


Competition in progress: 07.03 -15.03

Announcement of the results: 16.03


Task: Think of the resons and write down to the comments 8 resons for loving any woman or women. The reasons can be not addressed to anyone.

Details: The competition will be scored according to creativity.



  • Using profanity is prohibited;
  • The number of comments left by one participant is not limited;
  • Comment(s) must be published in the specified topic.


Works acceptance:

  • The works must be published in the specified topic (the link will be available later);
  • Evenry participant under their work must write their nickname and side.


Finding out the winner:

  • winner will be chosen by the administration.


Prizes for both winners:

  • Full premium account for 30 days;
  • Lightweight Luxury:


  • 10 composite manastines on your choice;
  • 3 Tempering solutions;
  • Applause.


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TheAlmighty    171


DeadMoo (DeadMoon - Asmo)





Winner on the likes from users is not decided and won't be. The reason for that is the unfainess of some of the players who drove up the numbers by creating a huge amount of new accounts. Their reputation on the forum was reset, the accounts are in the teprorary ban and the participants are banned from the competition.

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