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Sister Bliss

Download EuroAion 4.6 (secondary)

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EuroAion downloaders (new or returning players), please READ THOROUGHLY.

First things first, use the game's original download link ( from the MAIN EuroAion page, "Download Client" link on top (PRIMARY OPTION). Torrent download is optional (you don't have to if you don't want to).

Give the primary download at least 10 minutes. If it predicts that it will take more than 8 hours, then use the links on this thread. But ONLY if your Internet CANNOT normally download 47 GB in less than 7 hours from primary link.

Use the links below to download EuroAion IF ALL PRIMARY OPTIONS fail to meet your download needs. This is to ensure no excessive bandwidth of MegaUp is being used unnecessarily (leeching), or the limit will be reached and files will go offline for a while.

DO NOT DOWNLOAD FROM THE LINKS IF YOUR INTERNET SPEED TAKES LESS THAN 7 HOURS ANYWAY. Each file size is nearly 5 GB. So there are only 7 download links.

I know it's frustrating that you want to play EuroAion now, not tomorrow or next week. This is why I'll try to help with that dilemma as much as I can, when I can.

Currently testing the duration of links being active from Working on another, so this is not the only file host I'm with and thus would ensure a smooth flow of game downloads from having more options.

Please report DEAD links here so they can be re-uploaded. Dead link consists of (but not limited to) bandwidth limit exceeded, 404 error, file doesn't exist, file deleted, file not found, copyright violation.
If you don't have WinRar, download it from their site and install it (it's free):

• Right-click on the first RaR file "EuroAion.part01.rar"
• Select "Extract Files..."
• Choose "Destination Path" where you want to install EuroAion
• Wait until extraction is complete
• Open euroaion.exe to start the game and have fun.

If you can't connect the game to the Internet, check your connection and your Firewall's "program access" to be set to "allowed" or "enable" (exceptions).

Note "EuroAion exe" is a backup of euroaion.exe just in case, located in the game folder.

Euro Aion, all yours... enjoy:
EuroAion Part 1
EuroAion Part 2
EuroAion Part 3
EuroAion Part 4
EuroAion Part 5
EuroAion Part 6
EuroAion Part 7

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TheAlmighty    150

Pay attention! The administration has no concern with the current download ways and bears no responsibility for the contents of the files.
We strongly recommend you to use the links for download represented on our website. 

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