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Verybadguy    0
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Simple Question:

can u Guys remove the requirements for augmenting AP Gear ? so that no Rank is needed for augmenting AP Gear.

I mean u remove gp from all the Arenas so all pvp players are forced to go siege and shit just for augmenting gear...

i think its a fair trade for both sides pvp/pve players



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Hayter    83

Well, no need to go siege and shit for GP to maintain rank. Daily Kamar/JMR/SWB is way more than enough to maintain rank and augment gear. There is IWW also. The question is that a lot of players that is not so actively palying these days cannot fuly enjoy their gear that they spent a lot of time farming, socketing etc. Removing requirement of officer 2 rank to augment is an obvious solution, because there is no way to exhcange officer gear for army gear that is not requires rank to augment. Personaly i would be very glad to exchange my officer gear for army gear if i am give stones to enchant/socket that i spent hell a lot of time farming. I really don't need that 2% difference in stats.

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